They have hired too many bad guys and have dressed them as cops firstly. Secondly there are two clasess of people, those important persons, who can get police services and those who wrongfully cannot in Canada, the rest, the majority of citizens.. The Number of complaints against the Police in Canada in fact overall is really unbelievable still.   The overwhelming majority of complaints against the police flow from private citizens. Ontario's judge  George Ferguson  had  also urged a more transparent Police complaints process too.  Supposedly in Toronto alone In 2004, these police complaints totaled 862 . And 335 of the 862 the police complaints went nowhere firstly and why?: they were deemed supposedly frivolous, inapplicable, rejected,  or were not filed within the requisite six months. How convenient for the police the six month limitations too.  Among the 527 police complaints that were investigated, accusations of discreditable conduct accounted for almost three-fifths; plus heavy-handed use of authority was the second-largest category. Incomplete data was the next majority category with more than 116 of the 527 were still outstanding when the 2004 report was written. Finally only  11/862  produced findings of  misconduct, clearly now which is too low in reality., especially when you consider that the majority at least 95 percent of the police tickets issues against the citizens tend to stick next in comparison , and how many of the police next actually got a rightfully termination, firing is another unacceptable bad issue too. 
CBC No response to 911 call 'an error': RCMP  Last updated Dec 30 2005 09:02 AM MST CBC News The RCMP are admitting they made a mistake when they failed to respond to a 911 call from a woman who was later found dead in her home. On Feb. 13, Brenda Moreside, 44, called police to report her intoxicated common-law husband was trying to break into their home. She was apparently told twice that he could not be arrested and charged because he was damaging his own property. Twelve days later, Moreside's body was discovered in the doorway of their home. Police say she died of stab wounds the day she made the 911 call. Her common-law husband has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. Thursday, RCMP Supt. Marty Cheliak provided an update into the administrative review of how the RCMP handled Moreside's call. "The administrative review confirmed management's earlier observations, that this situation falls within the guideline that requires police attendance to the source of the call. The lack of attendance was clearly an error," Cheliak said. "We are conducting additional internal investigations to further examine the RCMP's response to this 911 call. "While we have no way of determining if an alternate response would have resulted in a different outcome, we have a duty and a responsibility to ensure our service delivery meets expected standards, addresses our philosophy of safe homes and safe communities and ensures the safety of everyone we serve." Moreside's son Craig Flaata says he's glad the RCMP have acknowledged they should have responded to his mother's call. "But it won't change the face my mom's gone," he said. "They could've saved her life if they'd showed up. They couldn't be bothered to. They ignored her. "It's a pretty big error." Moreside's family wants a fatality inquiry to determine where the system failed their mother. The province will decide if a fatality inquiry into Moreside's death is warranted after the RCMP internal's review is completed. There is no timeline for the review. Jan Reimer, of the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters, supports Flaata's call for an inquiry, saying public reviews help ensure changes are made. The group is monitoring if the improved training makes a difference. She points out that since Moreside's death last spring, 40 women in shelters have reported calling police for help and not receiving any. Ten calls were to the RCMP and 30 to other police services, Reimer added. "We all know that these numbers are unacceptable," she said. "They're unacceptable because not all women go to shelters. So this is not a complete picture and they are unacceptable for those women who are seeking help." Cheliak said the review makes four recommendations:  Members of the High Prairie detachment will review the violence in relationships policy. Operation guidance be provided in the handling of complaints that have the potential for domestic violence. Increased monitoring of the quality of investigations by High Prairie's NCO, particularly statement taking. More comprehensive training in the area of domestic violence for all Alberta RCMP members. Cheliak said the family violence policy used by RCMP in Alberta has been redrafted, and a checklist must be completed by the investigator and placed on all family violence files to make sure aspects of the case have been addressed. As well, reviews of 800 family violence cases in High Prairie between Jan. 1, 2004 and Aug. 25, 2005 were done and any requiring follow-up action were reopened. New family violence cases have had full compliance with policy requirements, Cheliak said. 

- No response to 911 call 'an error' RCMP.. This is no error this is a common buck passing Police approach of lazy cops.

Like I have said rightfully to all before too " Now it is not surprising the police cannot catch the terrorists in Canada,( And again yesterday  a prominent US news reporter, politician too  stated on the US TV News network that Canada does not make an active effort to catch the terrorists in Canada)  the Canadian police they really can't even bother to catch the small criminals, really do not make an effort to do so.. all merely a PR just a pretense, the police lying Public relationship department is replacing most of the  police services that is not being done  it  seems. Not acceptable The MUC  RCMP police circus continues and bad Police history even repeats itself.. About ten years ago an individual carried out a fraudulent, tax evading business using my good name. A matter I reported to the MUC Police, MUC police commercial crime divisions, the RCMP commercial crime division all to no good avail, and in their last response to me on this the RCMP could not even spell my name right still. Now some one else is doing the same thing and I get the same poor police results too.. ten years later.. for it is when you as a citizen go to use the police services you find out what they are really like firsthand.. "

I openly have many beefs about also the bad RCMP in Canada especially in Westmount,Quebec,  Canmore, Alberta , even in Regina, Vancouver, Winnipeg  the details of which that I had also posted opnely on the Internet, I do continually in writing  do remind all of Canada's major news editors, all of Canada's elected officials too of the too many bad cops in Canada.. RCMP included
I have rightfully  the last many years worked really hard writing thousands of letters to slash the RCMP budgets as much as possible, Canada wide too, and I even have rightfully suggested that they the RCMP be totally dismantled and replaced by a decent police force. I still do too.

So the honourable United States  President George Bush has been supposedly  illegally tapping overseas phone calls, and spying on the Internet too.. and the Canadian police, RCMP too now do it  but few complain about them, the  RCMP? why?

I have been using my computers to write to Canada's many politicians for about 20 years when the net first started  and I also next got used to having my phone bugged by the Calgary cops, the RCMP as well.. specially when you complain about a cop, or a politician naturally they send the dogs against you and they investigate me or try to discredit wrongfully first me the accuser, informer.. and all a false suppression, obstruction  of justice.

I have also now known for years the some Canadian  politicians do even use others to  tap the news editors phone lines.. and often when I want immediate results on a matter  and have no time to send an email I just do phone a news editor and leave message on his answering machine so the listening persons can act upon it.. and within a day they often do act on it..

I had another  interesting example this, I had just read a news story on the net about the RCMP.. when I emailed  to the same newspaper my concerns.. the part I had just there mentioned was quickly deleted.. but what was more really to me surprising the RCMP had also next in the revised news story on the net had also answered a question I had  just put forth to the newspaper  about the RCMP.. and all this happened within less than five minutes too.. you still do never get that kind of real police service when you have a serious personal issue as I know many times in my own real experiences, witness, but only when it  does  concern the RCMP personally ehh.

But still the dirties are not the people who now are listening in, for I have nothing to hide, I post all I do write eventually on the net for all next  to read anyway, but it rather is still always those bad politicians who sent the police to my home to try to obstruct justice, who tied to suppress my writings to news editors and my freedom of speech even such as ex premier of Ontario, ex mayor of Calgary.. and those bad immoral unrepented persons who wrongfully had contacted my Internet supplier trying to have my net services cut off such as Premier Ralph Klein of Alberta.. who really objected not to him getting my emails, but his fellow members of the legislatures reading about Alberta's Progressive Conservative King Ralph's unacceptable abuses, and his still undeniable need of real repentance still too... for even now abusing me too.

 Possibly the handwriting on the wall.. the last nail in the Liberal coffin.

A possible leak that could hurt the Liberals dominated the election campaign  again with Paul Martin confirming people in his office knew of a decision on income trusts before it was made public.  "I knew," the prime minister said  "The fact is that the people who would be on a need-to-know basis would have that kind of information. The fact is that these discussions, they flow up so it would be on a need-to-know basis."  The RCMP had launched a criminal probe . A large opinion poll conducted Wednesday and Thursday suggested 45 per cent of Canadians thought Finance Minister Ralph Goodale  should resign, compared with 38 per cent who think he should stay on.   The poll also indicated a majority of respondents in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec believed he should resign, while most people in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario thought he should continue as finance minister.  Voters in Atlantic Canada were essentially split according to the poll. The survey found 14 per cent of undecided voters said the criminal investigation made it certain they would not vote Liberal.

(Dan 5:25 KJV)  And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.  26   This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. 27   TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.28  PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.

Prime Minister Paul Martin says the second half of the federal election campaign will be about "values" absolutely the wrong word to use.. it automatically conjures in my mind many Liberals abusing the tax payers moneys and that they the Liberals really do not have  values, no values  of decency, honesty, accountability, truthfulness etc..
On top of that I am too quickly reminded as well that Paul Martin now himself he clearly now really cannot be trusted, he promised a clean campaign, but him now bashing the others is not a clean campaign... thus he already broke his election campaign promise.. so what he really cannot win if he plays honest, fair and clean? obviously not... so who needs more dishonest and untrustworthy Liberals back in power certainly not me.. and I live in his riding too.
Captain Liberal Canada P M now says he wants to look after the good welfare of all Canadians.. he and his liberals for 12 years had their chance to do so and instead  his Liberals were too busy helping themselves. Zebras cannot change their own stripes and so I do rightfully not believe the bad Liberals will ever change..
I liked the truthful NDP and the Conservative TV adds showing how bad the Liberals were and still are it really seems.. over the dishonest too Liberal adds... just more Liberal lies.