Conservative politcal parties 

Here are 6 undeniable and unacceptable facts still even  about the Conservative politcal parties in Canada
1: The Federal Conservatives are now even really worse overall even in comparison to  the previous Liberals we had in power, for they the Conservatives are more pretentious and more more inadequate in governing even as well. They do have a hidden agenda they are pursuing firstly.
2 The Conservatives in Ottawa under Stephen Harper  and those Conservatives in Alberta as well under Ralph Klein are unacceptably too now are not looking after the equal, good well being of all Canadians Canada wide, but only the minority few Canadians that hopefully will reelect them. keep them in power, and even thus their false hidden agenda is a self serving one. Many Liberals had warned us of this too and they were right.
3: The Conservatives clearly really do not care to implement or maintain a total adequate  universal and fully functional health care system Canada wide as well otherwise they would have implemented real positive needed changes here already too.
4: Even the federal Conservatives for certainty now cannot be trusted to keep their election promises. We continually and unacceptably in Canada seem to elect liars as leaders, people who break their campaign promises, Premiers and prime Ministers in Canada now too. Our new PM had prime minister campaigned on a promise of open government and an accountable one. He already has failed to live up too it and it did not even take him too long to do it too.
5 We have all now also seen that the wrongful, false  suppression of democracy, the practice of  dictatorship now is a classical Conservative philosophy, approach of too many bad Canadian Conservative leaders.
6 More Openess in the government, and Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone's best interest still too.
Most every bad guy who set out to do something awful wanted to do it in secret and keep it secret so he or she unlawfully could keep their false gains too. Most of the bad power hungry dictators started out pretending to serve the good welfare of the all of people now too.  
 Clearly the Citizens respect and trust of our elected leaders still relies on an open government. Secrecy  moves us all  down the path of  distrust.  Openness enables the public to trust that government and their agents, agencies are really doing the best they can now for all of the taxpayers, each and every citizen. Openness! All elected officials should want this and all voters should and do demand openness. Sadly these days the rightful transparency in government is clouded by the false increasing Conservative government secrecy.  Secrecy not only covers up mistakes, it obstructs accountability. "It is only by shining a bright light into those dark corners where the secret deals are made that the public can be assured of honest, forthright representation". Any Politicians tend to get into more trouble when they  go behind closed doors to do their work. They rather sometimes do mischief. Too often when politicians cite privacy issues, they simply want to avoid embarrassment to themselves. Too much secrecy also is rather an obstruction, and is also a challenge also to accountabiluty, to a fair and honest justice now as well.
The citizens always have a right to be informed about all government actions, and to ven complain anout them oenly and freely and nothing  should be done be done by the fovernemtns now in secret,  even because all decisons tend to  eventually concern the  citizens .and it is the citizens that will affected the most negatively or positively  by the actions of the governments anyway.  We the citizens have  be allowed to know about all things that could harm our health, well being and even our tax money too. If our elected officials feel it is a too heavy burden for the citizens to know how they conduct business,  they clearly do now need to find another career. Especially since these days it seems at least half of the politicians tend to be liars, immoral persons as we all tend to agree. Too many  officials in Ottawa, and the other governments, civil and public services still do things that they don't want the citizens  to know about. They do things they know are wrong.  Most Canadian Citizens do rightfully  now want, demand  in our democracy even a wider window to the  open government and freedom of information, both in our nationís capital and around Canada even at all of  the federal, provincial and municipal levels too especially related to the citizens good welfare and their tax payers money being used, spent. Their  desire for a fully accountiable  democracy is now again being clouded by the false increasing Canadian Conservative government secrecy, but nevertheless all of the citizens and it' elected officials should still purse always, continually  the unhindered goal  to  have and to provide, to achieve even a greater access to public records and meetings, a free flow of information,full  transparency in government issues and  efforts.  One of the chief functions of government is to serve the people and one way to do is is to  is to keep them fully informed, then it is a simple one. Aside from matters of national security, I canít think offhand of too many instances where the state/local government shouldnít keep the public informed of decisions and actions by elected officials. In the past I think that in most, if not all cases, where secrecy has prevailed it is for reasons that had nothing to do with protecting the public but rather to protect an individual/government body from criticism and/or embarrassment, should the public learn of it and  this usually occurs when they (the officials) feel they canít properly justify their actions. 
 All  Public officials whether they now like it or not are always, continually thus answerable to the public and how can the public now even really judge performance if they are not privy to the decisions by made their elected officials.  Whether the actions/decisions in our opinion were ultimately right or wrong depends on our rightful access to all of the facts too that would help us the citizens to make better informed decisions now next too as to what elected leaders, parties are acceptable even. Open Government is an essential part of any democratic government and allof the citizen's right to know as well.  "Openness both preserves democracy and saves money,"  The Citizens can use the governments 's liberal public-records laws to uncover secret documents, or keep officials from falsely meeting in secret, and doing wrongs. The secret exemptions all have one thing in common: They wrongfully do shut the public out of the public's business.  Keeping the sun shining on government should be a priority of us all."The reason for open government is to prevent the consolidation of power by an entrenched few, and to prevent the abuses that inevitably follow. The reason the entrenched few want to work in secrecy is so that no one knows what they are doing, which allows them to continue abusing power. If their abuses were made known, they would likely lose power and/or have to stop the abuses and/or make restitution for what was improperly accumulated. The human temptation to abuse such unmitigated power is irresistible. Only Christ has not been tempted. So we must know what is going on, to keep the checks and balances system working properly."
 The rightful transparency in our federal government now as well is clouded by the false increasing Conservative government secrecy, and a dictatorship approach. Is now  "Muzzling the media, Harper style any more acceptable by him also now, next  muzzling the citizens as well? No, Never. It really is the same thing. 
7 It does not take a rocket scientist to know, to confirm these facts. One can easily tell who they are by what they do, have done so far. "18  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19  Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." (Matthew 7  KJV)  
And being an useless, ineffective, wasteful elected or career official is also the same wrong doing as being secretive  and there is no such thing as little bit pregnant, or a little bit acceptable abuses of democracy, freedom, human rights.
The repeat of another Albertan, another Elaine  McCoy fiasco, for premier of Alberta.. Imagine that a real loser still thinking he can be the premier of Alberta, the Provincial Tory leadership hopeful and former Alberta cabinet minister Mark Norris of all persons, the individual who tried to deny my free speech right and threatened before his loss to take me and  my writings to the Alberta Human rights commission. So much for free speech when it is anti Alberta ehh? Just what we need another undemocratic Albertan for the Alberta premiership  The former Tory cabinet minister who lost his seat in the 2004 election should have gotten the hint back then.. If he   could not make it back to the Albertan cabinet already so how does he  expect to next get voted as Premier of Alberta? Bad jdugement and Prideful arrogance too eh...

Meanwhile Conservative Premier Ralph Klein was this week  disappointed with the results of a low approval rating by his own political PC  party. The clearly "self centered, self absorbed, proud, arrogant, abusive, undemocratic Premier Ralph Klein really now has no one to blame but himself for he reaped what he had sowed himself. Most people at their senior age, mellow, soften, but Ralph instead stayed the course of being a bad person rather as he always was and continued to show us all his dark sides. He had also already too many years, too much time to finish his pet projects, to do all he had wanted too. He should not be given any more time as well.  He Premier Ralph Klein really did not care about the good welfare of all the poor welfare  recipients firslty too in Alberta and so why should anyone really  now even care next about him?"