Now why is that Muslims and some of the news media do try wrongfully to tell us the Muslims are being abused, the victims when in fact they are at least equally unacceptably guilty in the cartoon fiasco  too now. 
(Mat 7:3 KJV)  And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4  Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5  Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
"Azerbaijan’s weekly Yeni Habar has published cartoons of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary in response to the cartoons of Prophet Mohammed in Danish and other European countries’ press. The author of the cartoons quoted by Day.Az web agency said they were a response to the “insults to the Prophet Mohammed” and reminded of freedom of speech." And that cartoon posting was too typical Islamic Hypocrisy.. they do the same thing they complain about it.. but when they do it, it is  wrongfuly too justifable.
" Azerbaijan’s Press Council chairman, Aflatun Amashev, condemned the cartoons that he said offended Christians. He said they conflicted with the country’s constitution, law on media and journalists’ code. Iranian embassy to Azerbaijan also condemned the cartoons saying an author could have not known of Virgin Mary (Maryam) mentioned in the Quran or had a goal to arouse hatred between Moslems and Christians.  "
The imams and the news media should also work on advocating more actual observations of human, legal rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion for all persons of all faiths, really now help to achieve  the  greater good for all persons in Canada too in reality too. I would rightfully still too rather see a good  sermon practiced firstly than merely to hear it preached, even from a Muslim imam
Like I  have said.. The reaction to the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad Cartoons from the Islamic community itself, politicians  and the news media firstly has been unacceptable, sad, hypocritcal  and even comical. On the one hand many imams, leaders of the Muslims community have seen the cartoons and yet they next do oppose others to see it and why?  as their own leaders do even admit the cartoons basically shows their prophet in a bad light, so do the acts of the too many bad Muslims now too and that is not good for any present, future Islamic proselytizing
The cartoons have now have mainly put Muslims  into the public cross-hairs, and  Europe into the cross-hairs of Muslim rage. This is so because Europe is where it all actually happened. But it is so no less because   the role of religion in public life which is an everyday issue in the U.S.  but not in Europe, which is post-Christian and secular, it's an oddity, unfamiliar and uncomfortable about Islam being forced now down their throats, as well as the visible inconsistency of the Islamic preachers who criticize others, but do not examine themselves firstly. The cartoon crisis is going to magnify not only the popular European opposition to Islamic immigration and to multiculturalism, a phenomenon already evident in Holland (because of the murder of popular filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by a Muslim fanatic) and in France, because of the outbreak of violence in its immigrant ghettos, but a world wide one too. Muslims are full of righteous fury about the disrespect shown to their religion. But the same demand is long overdue to be made of Muslims themselves.  "Perhaps the worst insult to a religion in recent times took place four years ago in Afghanistan, when the Taliban demolished the giant, 2,000-year-old statues of Buddha at Bamiyan. Here were Muslims wantonly destroying the beautiful artifacts of what is surely the world's gentlest and most accommodating religion. The Taliban, of course, represents only a small minority of Muslims. But when that desecration occurred there were no mass protests against it throughout the Islamic world.  The harm done by Muslims to another religion stirred little sympathy, or apology, from the Muslim umma."   Muslims deserve to be called to account for their indifference to the values of others — the incessant racist comments about Jews in Arab newspapers and school texts as another example and of the Christians.
I had not seen the cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad and I likely would not have published any them, or any cartoons for that matter before the debates, but if the Muslims are going to protest they should rather also really  rightfully first protest about all of the pornography, explicit sex,  as well so readily available even on the net to the adults and children now too. Long-standing concerns over pornography's corrupting influence are being confirmed by recent studies,  and now also protest about the too many drunk drivers, drug abusers. And they should also even protest at all those people who mock the Christians and Jesus Christ now as well, themselves,  and the people who steal, abuse the tax payers money, commit tax evasions, themslves too.. and I know many Muslims who admitted to me doing that too now.. they should complain about the too many bad clergy, inams in Canada we have also encountered..  Really! Why begin and stop at only the cartoons?  It is also always inappropriate to gossp, even for pastors, to discuss behind their  back as well publicly the shortcomings of a spouse.. doing so reveals that the tale bearer themselves is in the wrong, guilty of slander and of rebellion now as well.. rebellion even to God,  There is still no room in the church or in society for the liars, abusers, thieves or the alcoholics still as well  or the World wide  sacred act of the ostriches too often is still  to overlook, cover-up the wrong doings of politicians, and even clerics.. and their taboo in not breaking a supposed sacred trust, to hear and to speak no evil of others, but now we do know the price for having turned a blind eye to the politicians abuse and to the clerical abuse, even  the paedophile priests.   (1 Tim 5:20 KJV)  Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. 21  I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality.  I would be more impressed with the imans, the Muslim's protests if for a start they had themselves practiced the peace, rights they themselves preach to others.. Islam, Muslim are not at all a peaceful, peace loving religion by their own follower's acts as we still can see world wide.. and too many 
The Muslims too often still do not protest when any of  the others are abused or when they abuse them themselves still too.  in reality now  we all can too readily know that  too many Muslims themslves now do not respect the other person's freedom of religion for a start.. or their freedom of life.. and they Muslims they  now do even still wromngfully use their freedom of speech to bash either both Jews and Christians unacceptably. I too would be more impressed with their Muslims protests if for a start they had themselves practiced themselves what they preach to others.. as I rightfully do not accept  any others too dictating to me what I can and cannot do.. the fanatical Muslims included now too. A former imam of Finsbury Park Mosque in north London, a  radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza was convicted   of inciting his followers to murder non-Muslims and Jews. and what good is really being done about all of this too now. The Muslims even do the same thing they protest against.. and now how hypocritical it is too. and in Canada we wrongfully  do still let them preach hate???  The whole escalated realted  free speech issue  issue is now an opportunity even for the Muslims religious hypocrites themselves, the false  bashers , abuser of others to remove the big beams from their own eyes.

I also had watched the good presentation on CTV by Ezra Levant versus Tarek Fatah 11:12 minutes long, and the Muslim leader clearly now had agreed with you that you do have a right to print, to now distribute the cartoons about their prophet, he in the debate also had agreed that the Muslim states of Iran and Syria are dictatorial, oppressive as well, and that he Tarek Fatah has also seen the suppsoedly offensive Cartoons now, so can any other Canadian Muslim. So where is the problem then? But it is clear that the Muslims now are using this whole issue as a false excuse to force their religion on others when they want you to publish the Biography of their prophet Mohammed, and then you should publish the biography of all of the world religious leaders too, Jesus Christ included to be fair to all and you will rather become a religious magazine then for their false benefit too. They are not fools but they the Muslims want to wrongfully make you still their slave. Not acceptable. Now as to why is he Tarek Fatah not protesting about the oppressive Muslim Countries more firstly and not you rather? because he sadly seems to be just another of those religious hypocrites.  The cartoons rather are really offensive only cause they show their own prophet in a very bad light.. a bad light as well as the Islamic  reactions.
Much already has been said as we all  also already do know that Muslims like to escalate issues for the sake of the prophet Mohammed too..   The Montreal Police also had  there is no reason to believe a recent attack on a Muslim imam was a hate crime.  Faycal Zirari who was wearing a traditional Muslim skull cap, Faycal Zirari, said  He and his friends were  were insulted by a man on a subway car last Friday. After Zirari confronted the man, he was punched in the face."The 31-year-old Muslim cleric and two companions followed the suspect as he fled and tried to restrain him outside. The suspect was armed with a knife and Zirari suffered cuts to a leg and an arm. His friend Ressam Chargui, 26, had an eye and an arm injured. Juan Carlos Arouz-Miranda, 31, has been charged with armed assault, assault and possession of a weapon.  Although some members of the Muslim community immediately called it a hate crime, Montreal police say that does not appear to be the case.  "We have no information right now telling us this is a hate crime," said police spokesman Stephane Eid. "  Ironically, both Arauz-Miranda and Zirari are subject to deportation orders. Arauz-Miranda is due to be returned to his native Panama and Zirari will eventually be sent back to Algeria.. now how is this for the clearly non Canadians causing trouble in Canada now too.. NON CANADIANS NOW AND something the news stories originally all had left out.
Reality Check: It is firstly the Muslim's own poor past, present actions, and their own poor reactions that have put Islam and their prophet in a bad light and not the cartoons. The cartoons are a reactions to the predicted rightful Islamaphobia. "All of a sudden, the mainstream has decided not to offend people. It's not credible. It's not out of respect for Islam, it's out of fear" and this is unacceptable.  By refusing to republish the controversial cartoons, mainstream media organizations are allowing themselves to be bullied by radical Muslims, wrote the Standard's editor-in-chief in the most-recent edition of the magazine. The Canadian Western Standard  said  their magazine has a legal  right to carry the images, and that they're publication now are not the main, original cause of the past violent Mulsim protests around the world.
Free speech is a right that all Canadians can now enjoy; All Canadians also have the right to voice their opinion on the free speech of others. I do still commend all Canadians for voicing their opinion peacefully, respectfully and democratically. Not just the Muslims.

"On 9/11 3000 innocent Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorist ...... Was there even one organized demonstration by the free world against the people of Islam to protest this unspeakable act of terror? Yet .... there was rejoicing; praises to Allah; dancing in the street and exchanging of sweets in Islamic regimes throughout the world. The collective silence of "moderate" Moslems in regards to any condemnation of this terror inflicted upon America was deafening. These same Moslems are now rioting, destroying embassies; burning flags; calling for a boycott of Danish good; and threatening to behead an editor ..... for doing exactly what they do to Christian, Jews and other religions in their prayers, mosques, conferences, media, loud speakers, daycares, schools and universities daily .... it is so hypocritical. The free world had better wake up and stand with Denmark ..... the politically correct appeasement of the dictates of Islamic leaders while, at the same time, allowing them an unchallenged platform to incite hatred is only furthering the ultimate goal of global submission to Allah."  and the right word it is all Hypocritical their cartoon protest now still too.  

The Muslim inams also should work at changing themselves, getting their own house in order before now wrongfully even trying to change all of the others..  Muslims do revere Jesus as a Prophet and they should heed to his words too now  (Mat 5:9 KJV)  Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.