The reaction to the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad Cartoons from the Islamic community itself, politicians  and the news media firstly has been unacceptable and even comical. On the one hand many imams, leaders of the Muslims community have seen the cartoons and yet they next do oppose others to see it and why?
"Torornto Star - Publication of cartoons defended Magazine reprints controversial images   Small bookstore chain refuses to sell issue Feb. 14, 2006. 01:00 AM OTTAWA—Ezra Levant, publisher of The Western Standard, says publications that refused to show the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad did so out of cowardice, and hid behind political correctness and religious sensitivity. ...  "The (Toronto) Star doesn't want to offend religion?" he said. "The Star pokes fun at Christian ministers and (U.S. President) George Bush's Christianity ... we live in a liberal society where we get to debate these things without fear. And the Star probably goes farther than anybody, except maybe the CBC, in offending Christians." ... Western Standard reporter Kevin Steel argues that North America's journalism community seems "to have buckled" in the face of accusations of political incorrectness, pointing out that the CBC, the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and the National Post all decided not to print the cartoons.. "Journalists have never allowed themselves to be so restrained by the sensitivities of other religions," he wrote. "When western artists submerged a Jesus figure in urine or smeared a portrait of the Virgin Mother in elephant dung, news editors did not shy away from broadcasting the offending images.".. Don't tell me that 100 editors, publishers, TV producers have uniformly and unanimously suddenly got religion. I have not seen this uniformity when there is a court-ordered publication ban," he said. "It's a de facto publication ban and the enforcement is not Canada's constitutionally valid laws, but a de facto fatwa issued from the streets of Tehran.".. Meanwhile, a small newspaper in largely Muslim Azerbaijan published a derogatory caption over a picture of Jesus Christ in what the editor said was a response to the Danish caricatures. .. And an Iranian newspaper's contest for cartoons about the Holocaust, launched yesterday, quickly drew two entries — one from Brazil and one from Australia, the paper said."

The Jewish Free Press and Western Standard Magazine, both Calgary-based, are among the first publications in Canada to print the cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad . Around 40,000 issues of Western Standard were published with the cartoons.  I support their free speech attempts but  I do not believe firstly that everyone has the same right of free speech in Canada, not especialy the Christians even now too, not even to be  equally heard by the news media too from my own personal last 25 years of experiences in Canada's West and in the East.. I support free speech for  it is a clear measure of how perverse the society is, and in the Islamic countries freedom of speech and freedom of religion are denied cause they are clearly perverse.  I have also said it before in Canada too when you use your free speech to speak against any of the wicked they likely will also set the law against you to try to obstruct justice.

You have to be a non Christian, a Jew, Gay or even Muslim to get Canada's  supreme court's attention still?  "Supreme Court refuses to hear Kempling appeal "The enemies of free speech have gained a victory," said Chris Kempling, a Quesnel secondary school counsellor and evangelical Christian, after learning two weeks ago that the Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear his freedom-of-speech case stemming from disputes with the British Columbia College of Teachers.  The Teacher Chris Kempling was  suspended because he wrote published letters critical of homosexual behavior was properly punished with a one-month suspension, the British Columbia Supreme Court firstly had ruled.  Calling it “a sad day for all Canadians who value the free exchange of ideas in the public square,” he vowed to continue the fight to be free to express his point of view on homosexual behaviour which has led to repeated suspensions from his job and successive court battles with the college.


and what about the Canadian TV Station Attacking Church Yet Again    "  Toronto-based Vision television aired the first of its big-budget miniseries The Secret Files of the Inquisition. Alberta Nokes, While responsible historians have debunked the so-called “black legends” of the Inquisition, Vision’s website promotion paints a black portrait of the Inquisition’s “reign of terror that would endure for more than 600 years.  Vision’s online promotional material for Secret Files of the Inquisition includes some of the classic anti-Catholic slurs including the set-piece of a lurid tale of a beautiful young woman and her priest-lover. The synopsis for last night’s first episode reads: “Among those caught in the terrifying grip of the Inquisition are Beatrice de Planisoles, a beautiful noblewoman, and village priest Pierre Clergue, her secret lover – and betrayer.”  Secret Files of the Inquisition is only the latest of Vision’s shots at Catholicism. In October 2005, Vision gave Fr. Karl Clemens, a self-proclaimed “gay” priest, a platform to attack the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.  Fr. Clemens was followed by editorial commentary from Vision’s regular program host Marianne Meed Ward in which she gave a vitriolic attack on the Catholic Church saying the Vatican is "hunting people who have publicly admitted being gay." She added, "This would be comical if it weren't so diabolical.     TORONTO, January 9, 2006 ( - Vision TV, the Toronto-based broadcaster that bills itself as “Canada's multi-faith and multicultural broadcaster,” is positioning itself as a leader in anti-Catholic media punditry. The broadcaster’s most recent round comes in the form of a programme on NDP MP Charlie Angus’ very public conflict with Catholic teaching on same sex “marriage.” British Evangelicals  celebrated the defeat of segments of the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill that they say could have criminalized Christians for preaching Biblical values. In a  budget bill approved by the US Congress  funds were given to grassroots groups who provide marriage education and relationship skills for low-income couples in order to avert divorce (unlike as in Canada where divorce is encouraged) ..  and what about in Canada?  Canadian Legal aid even does not provide money generally to contest a divorce.. and the "Supreme Court out of line with swingers decision too... It does not take any wise person to know that sex swapping, adultery is still immoral.

But Truly anyone demanding or  threatening Death, for any cartoons is now really an unacceptable approach, agenda! One that is a criminal offense in Canada still too.  And all of the Muslims now demanding  this is both indicative of the huge vast moral gap between the too often hypocritical religious Islam  and the rest of the world, and their Religious extremism, false domination which  instead brings us in direct contrast death, violence,  and slavery to the false demands of a minority group who often themselves do not practice what they preach to others. Their false threatening of any others, their attempts to also strip them of their human rights in the name of Islamic law that only a small segment of society believes in, is really now also quite  unacceptable  and very intolerable. The  Muslims are advancing now an really totally unacceptable agenda : they want to us all to sacrifice our rights and freedom for their oppressive society, one that lets the Imams,  mullahs dictate to us all what is said and when.  A perverted  agenda that Jesus himself  had abandoned us from and had set us free  now from even centuries ago. ..

The personal Religious Submission to any others is also now always voluntarily and unenforceable. These bad People who are wrongfully trying to enslave us, to have control over us, even with their false religious, Islamic demands  they will rather if we let them cause us to go crazy, mental, even  cause they now are also in reality themselves demonically led too. And these bad people they will always be around and try to do so but we should not heed to their false demands now not even for one moment too.

Everyone's Freedom of speech or freedom of religion  is righfuly not a right to slander, abuse, insult any others who do not think like us.. the Jews, Christians, Muslims too,  and all persons now have the same human rights too but not in practise starting in canada.   all of their protests should be conducted peacefully...  reject violence as a way to express discontent... governments around the world should protect the lives, human rights  and property of all citizens, even the diplomats against any violence.. be respectful,  protect property, protect the lives of all of the innocent citizens, diplomats who are serving their countries overseas too. “Huge chasm” between Muslims and the West". Politically correct.  Freedom of Religion or freedom of speech is acceptable only if it is an Islamic one...  ".  Face it the West's fascination with the Islamic Cartoon's as well  is they are rightfully really tired of Islam continually shoved down their throats, they do not want anything to do with that oppressive religion. Australian prime minister John Howard also has said he considered the violent reactions to the cartoons “are completely disproportionate to the offence that could possibly have been given”. Rightfully also do tell all of the Muslims Imams in Canada to pray for and to practice now real peace in Canada and rather not be a part of the too many religious hypocrites. Montreal Muslim leaders said today they respect free speech and freedom of the press, but don't want those values to be used to promote Islamophobia.   It is not the free speech of the others that causes today's rightfully vast Islamophobia but rather the undeniable, unacceptable violent, murderous negative acts of the Muslims themselves still.   What about Muslims demonstrating for freedom of speech, freedom of religion of all faiths in the Muslim world firstly too.. what it would be not allowed? they would likely be killed for it.. how hypocritically of them to demonstrate in Canada  against the other's freedom of speech worldwide.

Flemming Rose, the Jyllands-Posten editor who made the original decision to publish the cartoons, spoke about his actions, the reaction and the bigger issues at stake—freedom of speech and false religious sensitivity. " if any religion—it doesn't matter if it's Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, any religion—tries to impose its own taboos on the public domain.  When I go to a mosque, I behave by the rules that exist in that holy house. I will not stand up and make a cartoon of the holy prophet in a mosque. But I think if any religion insists that I, as a non-Muslim, should submit to their taboos, then I don't think they're showing me respect. I think they're asking for my submission. This is a key issue in this debate." Others have said that The “caricature war” between the Moslem world and the West in all likelihood has an artificial cause and is  likely to develop into a “war of civilisations” Some belive that “the fuss around the caricatures was made artificially” and  the caricature uproar provides a “pretext for showing how coherent Moslems are”. The Protest over caricatures of the Prophet has become just another excuse to promote  Islam world wide  The controversy over Danish caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad has mushroomed and  it has predictably escalated rapidly with imams around the world fanning  the fire their Friday's mosque sermons.European nations also have a long time ago decided not to give any more grounds to the rapid rise of Islam..  Local politics, too, are a complicating factor. Militant Danish and European  Muslims helped push Arabs to join the fray  and  more confrontation are expected  still to come.