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According to the Amnesty report, the Israel Air Force launched more than 7,000 raids on Lebanon during the July 12-August 14 hostilities, and there were also 2,500 bombardments by the Israel Navy.  Amnesty Accuses Israel of Deliberately Destroying Lebanon's Infrastructure.  Amnesty International on Wednesday accused Israel of war crimes, saying it broke international law by deliberately destroying Lebanon's civilian infrastructure during its recent war with Hezbollah fighters.  The human rights group said initial evidence, including the pattern and scope of the Israeli attacks, high number of civilian casualties, widespread damage and statements by Israeli officials "indicate that such destruction was deliberate and part of a military strategy, rather than 'collateral damage."'  Amnesty International, whose delegates monitored the fighting in both Israel and Lebanon, said Israel violated international laws banning direct attacks on civilians and barring indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks.  "The scale of the destruction was just extraordinary," said Amnesty researcher Donatella Rovera, who visited Lebanon during the war and co-authored the report.  "There is clear evidence of disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks."  The group urged the United Nations to look into whether both combatants, Israel and Hizbullah, broke international law. The United Nations children's fund, UNICEF, estimates that some 1,183 people died, mostly civilians and about a third of them children, while the Lebanese Higher Relief Council says 4,054 people were injured and 970,000 displaced. U.N. officials reported that around 15,000 civilian homes were destroyed.  The Amnesty report cited "the widespread destruction of apartments, houses, electricity and water services, roads, bridges, factories and ports," which, taken with statements by Israeli officials, "suggests a policy of punishing both the Lebanese government and the civilian population in an effort to get them to turn against Hizbullah," it said.  The report noted, among others, remarks made on July 13 by Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz that "Nothing is safe (in Lebanon), as simple as that."  It accused Israel of applying an overly broad interpretation of what constituted a military objective when it attacked power plants, bridges, main roads, seaports and Beirut's Rafik Hariri International airport, all of which are "presumed to be civilian."  It said that Israel's attacks on water pumping stations and supermarkets may have broken an international prohibition on targeting objects crucial to civilian survival. Many of the attacks were 'without evident strategic significance' and were 'deliberate, disproportionate and didn't distinguish between military and civilian targets,' the report said.   Amnesty's report was based on the findings of its delegation to Lebanon. The organization has called for an independent investigation into the recent conflict.  Amnesty said it would issue a separate report on the Hezbollah cross-border rocket attacks at Israeli towns and cities. 
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Subject: One sided cannot do no wrong support for Israel is blatant hypocrisy and still immoral acts even for our PM. 
Harper says comparison of Hezbollah, Nazis is fair -  1 hour ago  OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Tuesday it's not unfair to liken Hezbollah to the Nazis, who once ruled Germany, because both stand for the destruction of the ''Jewish nation.

While this is true Hezbollah wrongfully  stands for the destruction of the ''Jewish nation. Israel in it's perverse reactions, a murderer itself is clearly trying to totally destruct the Palestinian and Lebanon states.. so what is the real difference in Israel' s eye for an eye reactions?  not much.. For it is clearly undeniable that Israel has wrongfully, immorally in this latest war had  tried to kill the Lebanon Christians themselves and this is an unforgivable war crime that now still needs to be dealt with, admitted not just by the Conservatives and our Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself as well as the rest of the world. The ends never justify the means not even for Israel now. One sided cannot do no  wrong support for Israel is blatant hypocrisy and still immoral acts even for our PM.

Israel itself is also known already  to be a big liar, distorted of the truths.  
" One-sided and disproportionate criticism of Israel has the effect of inflaming anti-Semitism, Tony Comper, president and CEO of BMO Financial Group , warned   "  
Actually One-sided and disproportionate support of Israel is the main cause of the inflaming anti-Semitism fuel to the fire, for many many persons are getting tired of hearing the Jews even in Canada high profiling themselves over the others, and their always talking about themselves, and also still trying to falsely justify Israel's immoral acts too. It is estimated that at least 30 percent of Canadians think Israel was itself in the wrong in the recent Lebanon war so if I was a Jew I would maintain a more humble, quiet profile even in Canada, as if that was really possible.
"Why are French Jews leaving France?   Ask people outside the French immigrant community why the Jews are leaving their country, and the usual answer is that they are making aliya to escape the rising tide of anti-Semitism. Ask the French olim themselves, however, and the responses become more diverse and complex.  Many recent arrivals say in no uncertain terms that it was primarily anti-Semitism that brought them from France to Israel. Others acknowledge that while anti-Semitism has increased in recent years, the phenomenon has been due largely to the intifada and emanates mainly from young Muslim immigrant men, mostly from North Africa and poorly integrated into French culture and society. ..  no one disputes the assertion that being Jewish in France has become more difficult during the past six years.  French intellectuals are unabashedly anti-Israel, and the French government has often displayed a pro-Arab and pro-Palestinian bias  since September 2000, French Jews began to note a sharp increase in anti-Semitism with incidents and violent attacks unlike anything seen since the 1940s. Many of these incidents have been perpetrated by Muslim immigrants. ...France's National Consultative Committee on Human Rights reported a sixfold surge in acts of violence against Jewish people, property and institutions from 2001 to 2002. In 2003, a popular Jewish DJ was brutally murdered in Paris, apparently by a radical Muslim youth organization. This was followed in 2004 by incidents. For example, a Jewish school bus was set on fire in Strasbourg; a concert by an Israeli singer in Macon was repeatedly interrupted by shouts of "Death to the Jews"; a 14-year-old boy wearing a kippa was beaten near the entrance to a Paris Metro station, with bystanders refusing to intervene; a female Jewish teacher was knocked down, beaten and trampled in central Paris; a University of Saint-Antoine medical school class was interrupted by four men shouting anti-Semitic threats and beating a Jewish student, while the class and professor looked on in silence; and a 12-year-old girl leaving a Jewish school was beaten by two men who carved a swastika into her face with a box cutter. Synagogues were torched, Jewish cemeteries were desecrated, and Jewish institutions were vandalized, damaged or destroyed.  The number and virulence of these violent attacks have indeed been reflected in the number of Jews leaving France for Israel: 11,148 between 2000 and 2005, with a 35-year high of 3,300 Jewish immigrants in 2005. While statistics for 2006 are unavailable, every indication suggests another banner year for French immigration to Israel, despite the recent war in Lebanon.  On July 25, at the height of the war, no fewer than 650 Jews arrived from France - 500 from Paris and 150 from Marseille - marking the largest number of immigrants to arrive in a single day from France since 1971. ..At the same time, however, critics charge that much of the motivation to leave France can be attributed to a concerted effort by the Israeli government to lure French Jews to Israel. With Jewish immigration from the former Soviet Union having apparently dried up for the moment and the long dreamt-of influx of immigrants from English-speaking countries yet to materialize, Israel is looking to France's Jewish community - the second largest in Europe - to provide a fertile source of "warm bodies" to settle here and add weight to the demographic balance of Jews and Arabs.  ...While the debate over why French Jews are leaving France may not be resolved any time soon, one thing remains certain: French Jews are leaving in steadily rising numbers, and most of them are coming to Israel."
"Southern Baptists, Jewish Christians: Bible (supposedly )Says God Gave Israel to the Jews  Both the spokesperson for the Southern Baptist Convention and Jews for Jesus ministry point to the Bible as the reason why a recent national poll found that the majority of the South believes God gave   By Michelle Vu Christian Post Reporter Mon, Sep. 11 2006 04:19 PM ET    Both the spokesperson for the Southern Baptist Convention and Jews for Jesus ministry point to the Bible as the reason why a recent national poll found that the majority of the South believes God gave Israel to the Jews.  “The reason that 7 out of 10 evangelicals believe that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people is simply because it is stated as such in the Bible, and evangelicals believe the Bible to be God’s Word,” wrote SBC vice president for convention relations, Dr. Kenyn Cureton, in an email to The Christian Post last week.   Cureton noted that he expects the number to be higher among Southern Baptists.   Late last month, the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life released a survey that found 56 percent of those in the South believe that God gave Israel to the Jews. An even higher number (69 percent) of white evangelical Protestants subscribed to this belief.   Jews for Jesus spokesperson, Susan Perlman, referenced Romans 11:29 which says “the gifts and his call are irrevocable” and concluded, “therefore so must our support for the survival of Israel be irrevocable.”  She further noted that political and humanitarian efforts have failed to bring lasting peace to the region and the only hope for peace is in Jesus.   “Only when Palestinians and Israelis can say to one another, “I love you in Jesus’ name” will the whole world take note and see the power of the gospel,” stated Perlman in a written statement last week.  However, she pointed out that, “As God’s people, committed to peace, we must demonstrate that loving Israel does not mean hating Arabs.”  David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus, also highlighted biblical support that God gave Israel to the Jews.  In a newsletter last year, he wrote, “God’s promise of the Land was based on an eternal covenant He made with Abraham, a covenant He never revoked.   The Southern Baptist Convention is the nation’s largest denomination with over 16 million members headquartered in Nashville.   Jews for Jesus is an international ministry seeking to share the Gospel with the Jewish people with branches in eight major U.S. cities. "
The biased, ignorant and unlearned persons yes still can twist any Bible verse they want to prove their point, perversely taking one isolated text  out of their context too.  The Israel support statistic quoted above indicates the reality rather how very little the evangelicals do really know their own Bible firsthand and how they thus can be easily manipulated, lied too.. The reality is that Israel Biblical claim on the Holy Land is still based on the old Testament, which is a past covenant that has been replaced by the New Testament. Yet there is not one direct New Testament verse by Jesus or the Apostle supporting Israel's return to the once promised land, or Israel's present land claim of the Holy Land.  Reality.
Ironically the same quoted verse Romans 11:29 which says “the gifts and his call are irrevocable” can also be used to deny the legitimiticy of a Divorce of Christian spouses and yet many evangelicals also wrongfully practise divorce sinfully.
God Gave Israel in the past to the Jews  once, but he next also expelled them from Israel in reality.. Don't take it personally God had also expelled Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden.. the same conditions for the return of both Jews, Adam and Eve, apply... accepting personal  forgiveness through the shed blood of Jesus the messiah.