Pork Barreling
by Mr. Harper  the new Conservative
To the Prime Ministerof Canada Stephen Harper
I have rightfully requested of everyone a rightful full review of the valid qualifications of all the past and new persons hired now by the new conservative government, specifically listing their job duties, requirements and what their real, significant practical experiences, skills they have related to the job. We taxpayers have a right to insure that we are getting our money's worth here as well.
As an ordinary citizen I  rightfully also do not automatically assume that any of my elected representatives on their own are doing now  a good job looking after me and everyone else, including the Prime Minister. They also do need to be supervised  now as well, and even next even held accountable too for their bad acts too.  ETHICS - Too many politicians don't have one, are not good examples too? Not accepted   

Canadians always do want to be treated fairly and equally in all parts of Canada. Harper may win in Alberta but as a result he will lose most of Canada for most Canadians watch how he treats the others and Harper can never form a majority government with such a discriminating immoral approach, attitude, no matter what the excuse now is as well. Never. The Christian God never shows discrimination, favouritism, false partiality, even towards any of the Conservatives too.

"Liberals attack Tories over judicial 'patronage' Updated Mon. Oct. 2 2006 3:16 PM  Liberals were crying patronage in question period over a series of judicial appointments by the Conservative government. They particularly mentioned the Mr. Justice J.D. Bruce McDonald, whom the Tories recently elevated to the Court of Queen's Bench in Alberta from provincial court where he was appointed in 2004. McDonald has a long track record of financial support for the Reform, Canadian Alliance and Conservative Parties. "Will the minister admit this is nothing but Conservative hypocrisy?" Liberal MP David McGuinty asked on Monday. Justice Minister Vic Toews said McDonald's name came from a list of potential appointees prepared by the previous Liberal government. Liberal Party researchers told The Globe and Mail that McDonald served as Alberta co-chair of Tony Clement's campaign for leadership of the Tories and was a lead organizer of fundraising dinners for Stockwell Day, the former Alliance leader and current public safety minister. He wrote a 2004 letter to the editor of the Calgary Herald that painted a very positive picture of then-Conservative leader Stephen Harper.  "Canadians recognize that Stephen Harper is one of the new party's greatest assets," McDonald said. "Harper's record of integrity contrasts with the ethical deficiencies of the Chrétien-Martin Liberals. Voters looking for a counterpoint to Liberal mismanagement could not select a better alternative than Stephen Harper." McDonald's daughter Meredith is a special assistance in the Prime Minister's Office. "This may be payback time for Conservative operatives, but what does it mean for the integrity of our justice system?" asked interim Liberal Leader Bill Graham. Toews said McDonald was first appointed by another government and distinguished himself as a provincial court judge. "We appointed him to the Queen's Bench on the basis of his demonstrable legal ability," he said. "And if he goes through the entire list, he actually find there are some Liberals on the list that have been appointed." Toews said one of them is a former president of the Laurier Club, which is composed of elite Liberal donors. Saskatchewan MP Ralph Goodale asked the government if it would table the lists that Toews mentioned. Toews said the list was compiled by the judicial advisory committee, which he described as a Liberal-appointed committee, and that it's confidential. House Speaker Peter Milliken said there is nothing requiring the government to table the document at this time."

The legitimate question that I have is what are the Conservatives afraid of that they are hiding this list of proposed judges. The Conservatives had now campaigned for an honest, open, transparent Government and now what they Conservatives have again become liars, obstructers of  Honesty, decency, and obstructers of accountability.    Once a liar, always a liar next it seems     " Minister of Justice Vic Toews appointed Bruce McDonald, a well-known Conservative fundraiser and organizer, as a federal judge,” explained Mr. McGuinty. “Now, we learn that, for 12 straight years, he personally donated over $11,000 to the Reform, Alliance and Conservative parties. "  “Minister of Justice Vic Toews has stated that he will never support judicial appointments where who you know gets to you the bench. Will he now admit that he's badly broken his promise?”     Once a liar, always a liar next it seems.. you can tell what a person  is like by what he does.   (Mat 7:20 KJV)  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them   It is becoming more clearer as times passes by that the new Conservative PM Stephen Harper is just as bad as the old Liberal PM Paul Martin, and also that the Conservatives have failed already to live up to their own promises to be a more Honest, Transparent, Accountable government.. no wonder Stephen Harper's goals of a majority government is still so rightfully elusive to him.    
"Darrel Reid, former head of the Christian group Focus on the Family, has been appointed chief of staff to Environment Minister Rona Ambrose. "Besides a patronistic hiring to please the Canadian evangelical Christians what skills does he offer in the area of environment? and what are his specific duties.. as a Canadian citizen, tax payer an honest answer is expected..The now too often unacceptable typical new Conservative justification, response for their pork barreling such as "The prime minister stood his ground, saying Hagerman is a prominent and excellently qualified lieutenant-governor. " This is a typical unacceptable digression, diversion for just cause a clearly patronistic hiring is qualified it still does not mean it was not, is not still false pork barreling, an unacceptable  act by the new Conservatives, PM and something they now clearly hypocritical bashed the Liberals for doing they the new conservatives are now unacceptably doing themselves. The new Conservatives, PM do need to repent of this now too.  Like I have said before ... ""For too long time the Conservatives had said to us all elect us into office and  "We will show you what we can do", and now there is no doubt about it they have been elected into the government, ruling office, and they the too often bad, lying, hypocritical Conservatives are showing us  all what they can do and it is all mostly not acceptable.. instead of now they  the too often bad, lying, hypocritical Conservatives taking the job seriously, taking the opportunity of doing good for all the citizens of Canada, they the too often bad, lying, hypocritical Conservatives show us instead how they are just as bad as the other politicians before them, and that is really unacceptable for these big liars too...  and they the too often bad, lying, hypocritical Conservatives  try now instead to point out what the Liberals supposedly have done.   It is becoming more clearer as times passes by that the new Conservative PM Stephen Harper is just as bad as the old Liberal PM Paul Martin, and also that the Conservatives have failed already to live up to their own promises to be a more Honest, Transparent, Accountable government.. no wonder Stephen Harper's goals of a majority government is still so rightfully elusive to him.   
It's an unacceptable  start. "Harper has already named several former Tory candidates, party fundraisers, family members -- including former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed's daughter-in-law, Vivian Lougheed -- to the Canada Pension Plan Review Tribunal, one of those obscure agencies all governments find useful for rewarding cronies.It is mere coincidence, for instance, that Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice hired (the useless)  former Mulroney-era cabinet minister Harvie Andre to negotiate native land claims for the federal government. While a distinguished chemical engineer with ties to the oil patch, Andre is not a lawyer and has no background in land claims. Still, Prentice insists, he will do a better job than fired Liberal appointee David Peterson -- and for much less money. The fact that Andre's son-in-law heads Prentice's Calgary riding association and that his daughter has been an active supporter is irrelevant." Instead of the promised Conservative honesty, accountability it is "dirty politics as usual." being played in Ottawa still.  "But what makes it so jarring is that the campaigning Harper was going to change the culture in Ottawa.For too long," he said, "the process of selecting people [for federal jobs] has been based almost exclusively on patronage and cronyism." Now it's only  unacceptable still  patronage..
A bad Conservative politician that lies, slanders, cheats, etc.,  who does not do his job,  keep his promises is not any more acceptable than a Liberal, BQ, or NDP who do the same thing. Get rid of them now, all of the bad guys.
Is this clear enough for the whole world to read and understand it too?
In fact Prime Minister Harper I want you to specially note that I had already undeniably complained to you too this year and last year in writing  that in my personal direct dealing the last year with the members of the Pension Plan Review Tribunal,  they were all clearly non qualified for the job, I had contested their last decision with specifics now and what did you and the Federal Human Resources Minister do good about it now . Please do detail back to me. RSVP please.   You know already that I will keep on writing rightfully to all about this too till I get adequate results here too.