Bad  III
 To the honourable  V Toews, Government of Canada, Justice Minister
 To the honourable Stockwell Day, Government of Canada, Federal Security Minister

Now fire the judge immediately with no doubts -Judges are to be exemplary

"VANCOUVER -- A B.C. provincial court judge William Sundhu was arrested and jailed Thursday night after staff at one of Vancouver's toniest hotels called police with a complaint about drunken and abusive behaviour. in response to a complaint that a man was harassing employees there, including a waitress and patrons of The Terrace bar. Mr. Sundhu, 47, a senior provincial court judge who has been on the bench for nearly a decade, met with provincial court chief justice Hugh Stansfield after leaving jail. Judge Stansfield said he has removed Mr. Sundhu for now from the bench and reassigned his cases to other judges while the investigation continues. Judge Stansfield has also asked the associate chief judge Brian Neal to launch an investigation into what happened and potential misconduct "Historically, special prosecutors are appointed in cases involving high-ranking elected officials, cabinet ministers, MLAs, police brass and, of course, judges," he said."

All Judges are to be exemplary first of all even next in their sentences.

Now fire the judge immediately with no doubts

For what kind of crimminal sentences do you think he will even give drunk drivers? a light one or

even the hypocritical ones too?

I am  not talking about total Prohibtion  for one can drink at home, elsewhere and not be an alcoholic.

Firstly the clear stated rightful issue was "alcoholics in the governments, civil and public servants, politic ands included" and even with the "taxpayer's money"..

even the majority of alcoholics would agree it is wrong to do this too to use taxpayer's money to get drunk... and so where is your personal problem, you like to drink??

">An al-Qaeda planning document that lays out the structure of the organization says the qualifications for being a supervisor at a terrorist training camp include two years of service in a jihadi struggle, a high school degree, some scientific and military knowledge and "sobriety."

The part about sobriety should apply to all of our Canadian Politicians, civil and public service managers who get drunk even at lunch time at the citizens expense as ex MP Joe Clark even ex  Bernard Landry MLA used to do at the Montreal Queen Elizabeth hotel with their 2 martinis at lunch time and with 2 martini's you cannot legally drive, so how can you work for us too?

Not one cent of the tax payers money should be used to buy any beer, alcohol in Canada or abroad still now too..

and all alcoholics in the governments, politicans like the Alberta Premier Klein should have, must take mandatory drug treatment or be fired immediately.

We already also do know that drinking alcoholic and drunk driving is a serious, unacceptable problem amongst today's youth and adults, and that the problem of alcohol abuse is  one of main  social problems in Canada now too. We also do know that too many advertisers of alcoholic beverages do promote an immoral lifestyle with adds specifically addressed to the young people too. I was shocked when the government of Canada itself had written back to me and said there was no legislation against the promotion of the immoral alcoholic and beer adds. Please deal with and correct this problem now too.
and what about uniform standards, sentences  for the criminal  drunk driving offenses now in all parts of Canada now too.

Decent and simple too.

 PS: Note also Mothers Against Drunk Driving was created in 1980 to reduce drunk driving and the death and injury that it can cause. MADD too is anti-alcoholic and anti-drunk driving.

The drunk drivers are willfully malicious criminals and not rather than individuals who might be suffering from the a supposed disease of alcoholism - for no one had forced them to take the alcohol and drive. They too are thus fully personally accountable for their drunkenness.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving does not ignore other significant causes of traffic accidents such as rage, fatigue, drug use, and cell phone use but notes the majority of accidents are still associated with drunk driving. Many other unacceptable vices are associated with drunk by alcohol.

Facts about Mothers Against Drunk Driving

MADD was founded by Candy Lightner, a woman whose daughter was killed by a repeat drunk driver.

MADD’s original name was Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, but was changed Mothers Against Drunk Driving

MADD also has a strong presence in Canada with MADD Canada.

needless to say the drunks do not like their positive influences on society still too

The Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is proud to be an official sponsor of MADD Canada