The Honourable Peter MacKay MP, etc.,  clearly since you are trying to cozy up to the Muslims, please also take a look too as to how they do feel about the alcoholics too.

">An al-Qaeda planning document that lays out the structure of the organization says the qualifications for being a supervisor at a terrorist training camp include two years of service in a jihadi struggle, a high school degree, some scientific and military knowledge and "sobriety."

The part about sobriety should apply to all of our Canadian Politicians, civil and public service managers who get drunk even at lunch time at the citizens expense as ex MP Joe Clark even ex  Bernard Landry MLA used to do at the Montreal Queen Elizabeth hotel with their 2 martinis at lunch time and with 2 martini's you cannot legally drive, so how can you work for us too?

Not one cent of the tax payers money should be sued to buy any beer, alcohol in Canada or abroad still now too..

and all alcoholics in the governments, politicans like the Alberta Premier Klein should have, must take mandatory drug treatment or be fired immediately. Decent and simple too. 

>"A couple of beers makes you an alcoholic does it ? What study did you get that from? Man I wish I was as perfect as all you moral elitists."

Now telling lies, distorting the facts is what makes people losers.. clearly some people distort, lie to win at all costs. Any personal particular reasons you need to support abusive alcoholics?

A couple of beers or as pointed out drunk at lunch time with 2 martinis, exceeding the limit for being able to drive at lunch time, and this was done on a regular basis too... on top of that him getting drunk on a regular Basis paid by taxpayer's is what i had complained about rightfully.

Drugs, Drinking and driving still do affect the number of road deaths, and alcohol is still a factor in at least a quarter of all fatal collisions. In 2003, more than 200 people died and 500 were seriously hurt in drunk-driving collisions in the province of Ontario's roads alone

Some persons rightfully maintain that prison, job termination are the best solution to this problem of alcoholics..

(Isa 26:10 KJV) Let favour be showed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness: in the land of uprightness will he deal unjustly, and will not behold the majesty of the LORD.11 LORD, when thy hand is lifted up, they will not see: but they shall see, and be ashamed for their envy at the people; yea, the fire of thine enemies shall devour them.

(Hab 2:5 KJV) Yea also, because he transgresseth by wine, he is a proud man, neither keepeth at home, who enlargeth his desire as hell, and is as death, and cannot be satisfied, but gathereth unto him all nations, and heapeth unto him all people:

The secret of all successful substance abuse programs is that the individual personally has to admit he or a she has done wrong, admits he or she now needs help, and admit that they is willing to take the help.. all three aspects are required still too. An appropriate real self examination on their own part is needed firstly here for their own real bad acts, their own bad acts and guilt next contributes, contributed to his or her own poor self image, fears problems.. especially more when things did not go the way he or she had planned beforehand . Many people lie to others and falsey deny they have a personal problem. You see one of the major problem about lying is one next tends to believe in one's own lie as being the truth when they is still are not...

And most people still do even lie every 3 to 5 minutes they undeniably say? But some person lie a lot more than others, a lot more.. even to themselves , others and to the courts especially.

Furthermore "Depression more common among substance abusers: report Thu, 09 Dec 2004 10:49:04 EST OTTAWA - Heavy drinkers or drug users are much more likely than teetotalers to become depressed, just as people with the mental illness more often develop addictions, a Statistics Canada study suggests. The report, released Thursday, indicates that adult Canadians who rely on illicit drugs are more than six times as likely to suffer through a major depressive episode than those who never touch them. More than a quarter 26 per cent of Canadians who seemed dependent on drugs in 2002 struggled with depression, compared to only four per cent of abstainers, the Alcohol and Illicit Drug Dependence report suggests. About one in six heavy drinkers those who had five or more drinks on a single occasion at least once a month during a year had a depressive episode, compared to one in 20 among non-drinkers. Tjepkema said the report confirms the results of earlier studies that suggest a link between substance abuse and mental illness and lends weight to them because it relies on a much larger sample of the population. Written by CBC News Online staff"

"Ottawa Pierre Tremblay, the former Liberal aide who later ran the corrupted taxpayer's paid Canadian Federal government's sponsorship programming in Ottawa Ontario, died a tormented man said a close friend said in a television interview, Claude Lamontagne was close to Mr. Tremblay. Mr. Tremblay testified in private about the corruption before a parliamentary committee, but died in 2004 before he could testify at the subsequent Gomery inquiry into the scandal. Mr. Tremblay was chief of staff to then-public-works-minister Alfonso Gagliano from 1997 to 1999, in the early days of the sponsorship program that also aimed at raising the federal presence in Quebec before it became abused by the Liberal party members themselves. Mr. Tremblay was the bureaucrat in charge of the program from 1999 to 2001. Mr. Tremblay witnessed irregularities, but refused to divulge them before and next Mr. Tremblay died from diabetes after battling alcoholism," Brain damaged Alcoholics running governmental programs was and is still always unacceptable, he Pierre Tremblay should have rightfully been terminated, fired, been dismissed long time ago too and with no severance pay too." Posted by: Paul | 18-Feb-06 5:47:58 AM

">"Joe Clark always looked like he might be on something . Since booze tends to bring out ones` true nature , I say Ralph should have a bar installed in his office. We need many more like him. Can you imagine Paul Martian getting drunk and to start babbling the truth ."  and not just looking and acting like a fool and is why Kelin is not at all respected outside of Alberta

> Sounds like Paul needs a drink ;-)

Now "caught with their pants down alcoholic supporters react and the devil's follower also the accuser of the brethren is doing his dirty work, he is trying to pot humor into a serious issue to divert it.

But not only do alcoholcs have more health problems, kill people with their car accidents too, the absue their spouses, they steal more, lie more and cheat and why? for when you open the barn door a little to the devil he takes all next.

Signs of Problem Drinking
Many people have used alcohol in one form or another. but many don't realize that they do, can have a drinking problem. Ask yourself these 20 questions:

"How can I tell if I'm a problem drinker?"

Do you lose time from work due to drinking?
Do you drink because you are uncomfortable in social situations?
Do you drink to build up your self confidence?
Is drinking affecting your relationships with friends?
Do you drink alone?
Do you drink to escape from work, spouse, studies or home worries?
Do you feel guilty or depressed after drinking?
Does it bother you if someone says that maybe you drink too much?
Do you have to take a drink when you go out on a date?
Do you get along better with other people when you drink?
Do you get into financial troubles over buying liquor?
Do you feel more important when you drink?
Have you lost friends since you started drinking?
Do you drink more than most of your friends?
Have you started hanging around with a crowd that drinks more than your old friends?
Do you drink until you just couldn't drink anymore?
Have you ever had a complete loss of memory from drinking?
Have you ever been to a hospital or been arrested due to drunken behavior?
Do you turn off to any studies or lectures about drinking?
Do you think you have a problem with alcohol?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, you have some of the symptoms that indicate a problem with alcohol. Remember, there is no intelligent reason to deny that you have a health problem. If you or others do think you do have a problem, the most important thing is to do something positve about it! "


Drunk people are still the major reason for family violence, car accidents etc. and 3/5 Canadians drink too heavily, and drinking heavily and being drunk is a still too common practice .

The governments also still do need to do a better policing firstly of it's own members, ministers, public and civil servants.. and to now stop their abuses, alcoholic binges, parties now too at the taxpayer's expenses and anywhere in Canada too now included.

Note this when I had first wrote an email mostly to all of Canada's elected legislative Members, the Members of Parliament about the too many abusers, liars and especially the too many alcoholics, drunks in politics and about 25 MPs openly in reply objected to my mentioning the subject, the highest response to any letter I had ever written and why? they personally were uncomfortable about my rightful exposures of their unacceptable wrong doings still.

I never got anything close to that number of repsonses on any other issues that I had wrote to them about too.

Most Canadians are really next shocked when they find out how many people are drunk, alcoholics even in the civil, public services, governments, politics.

Alcohol even continues to be a major cause behind many of the fatal accidents, accounting for nearly 40 per cent of fatally injured drivers.

The young people are drinking more alcohol theses days, it is being promoted more, wrongfully more acceptable to drink still too.. ... and so are and so are some of the bad seniors still boozing.

Interesting that the car speed is not the main factor while it still rather gets most of the police attention because of it's money making ability. Is drunk driving or a teenager drunk driving with a car a new issue or has it been around for a too long time too?

I have to also to say I am shocked we do not hear too much or get too much good acts here too about this from our Premiers. PM, Justice Ministers the last 12 years? While it is estimated 25 percent of the civil and public servants, politicians too, take drugs, get drunk, not much is being done about it too..

Brain damaged alcoholic civil and public servants are not capable of doing good work.. really.. we know what impaired drunk driving does too..

Not one cent of the tax payer's money should be used to purchase any alcoholic beverages at any time.. not one cent..

Secondly all alcoholics, drug users in the governments must be given 30 days to sign up, attend a valid, certified drug treatment program such as alcoholic anonymous, their personally falling to do so they must be immediately fired from their jobs, or resign. None of this is an option... none!

The best solution also to the unrepentant alcoholics, drug addicts , and those persons stealing, tax payer's money abuses even for those working in the governments, civil and public services is both a jail sentence, and to fire them ASAP for experience shows that addicts, all persons value their jobs above all else, so this type punishment is effective.

All Alcoholics should be fired from any job till they repent, especially in the government."