The Alberta factor

January 2006 "The irony is, Liberal-loathing Alberta is behind almost all of the good economic news that is keeping the Liberals as relatively popular as they are in Ontario. Incomes in the rest of the country inched ahead in 2005, but because they soared in Alberta, the national average looks strong. Where was full-time job growth strongest? Alberta, which buoyed the national numbers. Export growth rode on the back of Alberta's energy sales to the U.S. The loonie strengthened because international customers wanted our oil and gas, more so than Ontario's and Quebec's cars and machinery. Even the stock market's performance -- it has now exceeded the heady days of the 2000 technology bubble -- is largely thanks to the performance of energy stocks. Eighteen months ago, energy stocks were 17 per cent of the TSX composite index. Today, they are almost 28 per cent. Most of the one-fifth gain in stock values this year comes from Alberta companies' performance. Even Ottawa's budget surplus is driven as much as anything by federal tax revenues on Alberta energy. The very thing that might still save the Liberals -- their reputation as fine economic and fiscal managers -- rests mostly on the economic strength of the one province that likes them least. Ain't politics funny."

The supposed irony is, Liberal-loathing Alberta is behind almost all of the good economic news and the result of the Ontario votes is what keeps the Liberals in power according to the Albertan spin doctor.. Dream on. Fact check: The other political parties had firstly really failed to show more adequate concerns for all of the citizens of Canada's needs firstly... and thus the  Liberals stayed on and not the result of the supposed good economy.  In reality still 20 percent of Montrealers today even do live under the poverty line and is why so many of them they now do support the BQ and not the Liberals and without the support of Quebec voters no one Political party can really win or have a majority government, the support of Ontario alone will always lead to a minority government in reality. Quebecers for sure do not trust the NDP, Liberals, Conservatives to look after their good, their economic welfare while in Alberta they the ostriches wrongfully love to bash easterners, Ontario too still ehh... blame them for the problems and not look at themselves rather firstly still too. The mad cow is back in Alberta too.

The real other major problem with boasting about an Albertan energy based economy, is it is volatile, unstable, and prices can drop just as fast as they rise too.. and the economy with it.. as it happened in Alberta in the 80's already.. for history often repeats itself. By the way inexpensive electricity is what keeps even the Quebec industrial economy thriving and how is Alberta very expensive electrical supply coming along? Montreal's cost of living is lower than that in Alberta and the population of the Island of Montreal still exceeds even all of Alberta.. they can even out vote the Albertans thus.

The second reality to basically note is that the Liberals too are still now are  really reaping what they personally had sowed, mostly cause and effect.. their clearly unpopularity with 70 percent of the Canadian voters, is mainly due to their undeniable tarnished reputation that has now even seriously stuck with many voters, more than the supposed great economy.

 "Canada must be a Just society Pierre" Elliott Trudeau.. The next  Liberal Prime Ministers wrongfully readjusted translation of this mandate that was, and that is still going forward, is that Canada today must all be just for any of the Liberals to profit  with anyway they can, even by their cheating, lying, stealing,  and even by false denials cover-ups.  Speaking of a just society on Canada too  most Canadian  citizens really even now do not really believe that the past pr present Liberals PMs were,  are carrying our real justice in Canada.. for clearly rather political and civil servants corruption, alcohol and drug abuses, tax evasions has increased Canada wide under the Liberals even. Canada is considered one of the most political corrupt countries in the world under the Liberals too... so much for a just Liberal society.. all still really unacceptable.  Prime Minister Paul Martin says the second half of the federal election campaign was to be about "values" absolutely the wrong word to use.. it automatically conjures in my mind many liberals abusing the tax payers moneys and that they the Liberals really have no values, no values  of decency, honesty, accountability, truthfulness etc..  Captain Liberal Canada P M now says he wants to look after the good welfare of all Canadians.. he and his liberals for 12 years had their chance to do so and instead  his Liberals were too busy helping themselves. Zebras cannot change their own stripes and so I do rightfully not believe the bad Liberals will ever change.. and of the new proposals by the Liberals are so Good why did they not put them into office 12 years ago instead of pressing them now when they are being kicked out of office. I liked the truthful NDP and the Conservative adds showing how bad the Liberals were and still are it really seems.. over the dishonest too Liberal adds... just more Liberal lies.

Funny how they too the Liberals rarely still do think they will reap what they sow, face real negative losses too. The past Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau went from landslide majority in 1968 to bare minority in 1972, not just because he had introduced official bilingualism, liberalized divorce and legalized homosexuality. His fortunes next sank largely because the economy soured and unemployment rose between his first election and his second. Next even his own wife divorced him with the Liberalized divorce laws..  the cause and effect. The Liberals next under Paul Martin went from a majority to a Minority government too.. due to cause and effect, even due their inaction or poor actions on  issues such as inadequate justice being served, gun registrations, taxpayers money abuses, incompetent managers. Trudeau's ex wife went on to be a drunk driver now as well. The resulting fruits are too obvious.

Speaking of economics the Tax cuts implemented by Liberal and Tory governments between 1984 and 2000 have amounted to $250 billion, going mainly to the top 20 per cent of income earners. During the same period, ordinary Canadians have been hit by even unprecedented Liberal cuts in the funding of public health care, education, child care, affordable housing and the other essential services. The Liberals were swept into power in 1993 with promises to restore basic social services downsized by the Mulroney Conservatives. But once in office  they the Liberal liars, promise breakers had wasted no time in further slashing many state-run program all while helping themselves to more money too.  Some people say that in the current 2006 fderal lection campaign, now both political parties are trying to lure all voters with new and renewed promises of social spending and tax cuts, without any definite detail plans to look after the needs of all Canadians, to also save Canada's faltering social programs such as the low cost housing, affordable university education, decent medical care. The rich  wrongfully continue to despise the poor both federally and provincially too and is another main reason the BQ are  more popular in Quebec.
The supposedly Rich province of Alberta, Albertans, Progressive  Conservatives and Conservatives, are now even asking for more and more increased social aid even for businesses  from the Canadian federal government, they in  reality now are becoming  more and more socialists, NDP, Liberals..
The Myth that Alberta is one of the richest provinces in Canada is a false myth developed to propagate their very still critical needs still for more economic development capital into the Alberta and more support personnel too.. the Alberta government found out the hard way many times you cannot ever hope to run a whole province solely on the generated home property taxes now, or the Income taxes of oil and gas productions.. or even on farming, beef.. for  Alberta generally still has no existing manufacturing industries to even tax in the first place.. Alberta it is rather an major importer still. On top of that actual financial Mismanagements by the past Albertan  Progressive Conservative governments was the main reasons they also had failed to make any signify economic business development in Alberta besides solely increasing the number of vehicle speeding tickets generation, beer, alcohol, gambling outlets which are socially overall non beneficial, productive still too... In reality Alberta today and in the future is an significantly economically backwards, underdeveloped province still.
Fact check Reality: "Business leaders in Calgary are trying to put Alberta's chronic labour shortage on the election radar.  The Calgary Chamber of Commerce has sent letters to the leaders of the federal parties asking specifically what they'll do to address the problem. The group said increasing immigration may be key to solving the shortage of labour and for that, they say federal intervention is required." " In a recent survey conducted by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, 42 per cent of respondents said a shortage of skilled labour is critically affecting their day to day operations. Dan Kelly of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, said the federal government should do more to improve the skills of people in the existing labour pool.  For example, programs that get people off employment insurance and back into the workforce would "help solve this very troubling issue," he added.".. you cannot expect to train the many people needed without providing also for low cost housing, low cost living too.. and you still cannot even really import and keep them too. Alberta will have thus major problem of being a really still backwards province economically, socially for decades thus.. and so it is now starting to advocate  more and more NDP, Liberal views.
I have only lived 15 years in  Red necked, racist Calgary Alberta.. and firsthand per my own witness I too have discovered what an immoral Progressive Conservative police state it is  full of crooked, abusive lawyers, crooked Realtors, crooked pastors, crooked accountants, bad police services, bad pretentious politicians and too many bad doctors, very expensive dentists too...  on top of that rich Alberta is a very costly place to live with the price of homes, rents ( no rental controls generally and non existent consumer protection too) being very high, mostly single family home sand few apartments available, , while the price of everything always going up  including home taxes, electricity, heating..  a clearly non social, unfriendly, despise the poor persons, racist  governments cannot expect to attract and to keep  the workers.. many other people who had been to Calgary told me they had the same bad experiences.. and all of this is undeniable.. and the unacceptably abusive premier himself  Ralph Klein is also a bad reflection of what too  many people are really like in Alberta.  I have often sadly said that the federal Conservatives first also do need to get their own house in order, bad Calgary Alberta even before they can realistic manage bad Ottawa.
"(Revelations 3:18 KJV)  I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.19  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent. ""  (Dan 4:27 KJV)  Wherefore, O king, (Ralph and Martin ) let my counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by showing mercy to the poor; if it may be a lengthening of thy tranquillity."
For one of the most significant undeniable aspect of the Birth of Jesus Christ in a Stable  is that he came to the poor persons first..  so all of you do now stop robbing the social welfare, the poor of their money.
The tourist oriented city of Calgary specifically is a Service town, white collared workers mostly.. meaning specifically it is made up of University, trade schools, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, Hotel, Motels, Restaurants, Churches, Shopping centers, Warehouses, Office buildings, Realtors, pastors, Police, Firemen . It still has almost a non existent manufacturing industries. Many farmers are moving to this city. It has been rapidly expanding in home constructions and thus there is a large  demand of construction, skilled trade personnel, plus a shortage of car mechanics, house hold appliances repair persons too and  for the last three decades now too.
But  it really surprises me when 42 percent of those surveyed by the Calgary of chamber of Commerce say they do really now  lack skilled workers to hire now.. specifically workers with what basic skills? a high school education or what..   or is it rather the very same old problem that most of these minimum paying jobs still really  do not cover the very high cost of living in Calgary and it is why more people do not move to Calgary? They will always have these problems too till they first do resolve their very  high cost of living problems too.. As for the rising wages in Alberta, they are mostly still even being  eaten up by very high, rising rents, property and school taxes, increasing costs of insurance, fuel, electricity and consumer goods.. wow..