Alberta II

The Alberta's spin doctors unacceptably lie still about the true state of Alberta's present overall well being, covering up the major negatives all  while they slant the positives. Alberta's spin doctors do wrongfully and unacceptably lie still.

Not having local access for your children to go to school, and having them to be bussed far away is not a major problem? Not having adequate access to local doctors and/or car mechanics as well? Don't forget the high costs of living with the many high property taxes, high school taxes, high electrical costs, high home heating costs, high home insurance costs, high car insurance too,   and many other very high consumer purchasing costs are not a major problem for many persons in Alberta too now? especially for all of the newcomers? and what about the often bad water quality that is hard, is realy high in minerals, and that requires costly water treatment as well? and so forth..

Reality: Alberta today has many significant, big problems not only for all newcomers but  for the existing Alberta's now too. While Wages  are going up so are the high cost of living there now as well, and it is a great problem consuming next almost most of the benefits of the supposedly high wages too.  And that is just the start.
The Alberta attraction of high wages also leads to the citizens consumer  higher costs, even produces    real hardships as the major communities struggle to deal with the people influx. The booming economy does swallows  up every worker, skilled or unskilled  that it can find,  means as well one not only cannot find enough of them but the consumers also do long waiting periods when you need to get one too.  "The traffic everywhere in Calgary is bumper to bumper and if anything goes wrong, we hit gridlock pretty fast," says Calgary Ald. Gord Lowe, who notes the city is hundreds of millions of dollars behind in housing, roads, schools, hospitals, libraries and recreational facilities just for a start. Nor are these inherent major problems associated with sudden massive growth limited to Calgary. All of the major  communities do even need more Dentists, doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, bus drivers, qualified technicians, car mechanics, repairmen, and other many professionals  and obtaining them in the near further is clearly even impossible.."
 Last week, the president of medical staff in the Grande Prairie region warned that northern health care has reached a crisis because of demand and staff shortages."Imagine someone having a heart attack or a car accident casualty requiring immediate medical attention, but unfortunately there is no surgeon or specialist available," said Dr. Miloslav Bozdech "We only have two doctors to service the entire population of Grande Prairie, Peace River, Manning, Fox Creek, Grande Cache, Fairview, Valleyview, McLennan, Beaverlodge and the rest of the communities within our health region.. We are just overwhelmed," he said.  Bozdech also said it's unacceptable that the health system is so badly strained when Alberta boasts multibillion-dollar budget surpluses. Imagine that the basic health need of all persons is falsey crically  jeopardized.
Even Housing for all the newcomers represents just one of many major challenges, shortcomings in Alberta.  Home and Real estate prices and rents are costly and climbing dramatically in many communities - if a place to live can be found at all.  And rental rates are among the highest in the country espcialy since there is no Rental controls in Alberta, or valuid consumer protection for that matter. Average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the oilsands capital of Fort McMurray in December was $1,478. That compared to just over $1,000 for a similar apartment in Toronto or Vancouver. Almost all of Firms are drasticaly short of carpenters and other trades much needed to build new homes, apartments, sewage and water systems.  The average selling price of a home in Calgary last month was $305,000 - up and increase of almost 25 per cent in one year.  The Alberta province for years now too and likley this will not change has been  unwilling  to meet the challenges of these growths head-on,  The provincial government has earmarked money for infrastructure projects but that still doesn't include money for new primary or secondary schools, however. It is clear not enough money for decades as well will be provided to meet the needs of all of these newcomers as well. The Alberta citizens themselves are still now demanding cutbacks on governmental spending. For there are still real inklings of fear that the rich gravy train might not chug along forever with sad memories of the way Alberta's last big boom - fuelled in large part by the energy industry - quickly disastrously melted in the 1980s like snow during a sudden chinook when oil prices fell. 
And that is just the beginning of Alberta's real negative realties as well that is not wrongfully, fully, honestly being presented.

Meanwhile Conservative Premier Ralph Klein was this week  disappointed with the results of a low approval rating by his own political PC  party. The clearly "self centered, self absorbed, proud, arrogant, abusive, undemocratic Premier Ralph Klein really now has no one to blame but himself for he reaped what he had sowed himself. Most people at their senior age, mellow, soften, but Ralph instead stayed the course of being a bad person rather as he always was and continued to show us all his dark sides. He had also already too many years, too much time to finish his pet projects, to do all he had wanted too. He should not be given any more time as well.  He Premier Ralph Klein really did not care about the good welfare of all the poor welfare  recipients firslty too in Alberta and so why should anyone really  now even care next about him?"


The Fourth way Health care.  There is a serious fourth way to keep and to improve the Health care system, and that is to manage the existing health care system better, seriously.  You think there can be no improvement here? Just sit down in the corridor anytime you want in any major Hospital and observe hospital employees leaving their cubby holes and walking around the hospitals cause they do not have enough to do? or what?

The Fourth way Health care,  just requires firstly seriously implementing positive changes and also now desiring to do so. Merely pretending to manage the health care system mostly by buck passing it down to line or to the  others is also  never an acceptable alternative approach as well  A complete basic very common, simple solution review of the how the complete health system is being now managed today is all that is needed. This ongoing detailed managerial reviews includes reviewing all the sub components and looking seriously at ways to improve their effectiveness. It includes a review of how competent the designated, existing  personnel really there are now as well, including how and why they were selected for their jobs too. This would as well require the need to review and to define all the bottle necks as well. Mostly pretentious health ministers and their deputy ministers at the federal and provincial levels rarely tackle such jobs.   Putting into place the past  pretentious, incompetent health Minister like the ex health Minister Gary Marr of  Alberta  will still also never do. So a competent person a qualified manager needs to be put into place. The also unacceptable  practice of unnecessarily spending the rest of the designated budgets so that you can ask for more next year has also to be stopped too.  But you firstly have to really care about the good welfare of all the citizens to do any of this continuously and effectively even in Alberta. I got another undeniable fact for you if  all of the pretentious mostly Premiers, PMs and Health Ministers had really wanted to find a real solution they would have done it  a long long time ago.

 Alberta these days is not all rosy.  The very High costs of living, incompetence, mismanagement are the basic complaints one hears, experiences in the private and public, civil service sectors of Alberta.  Even Premier Ralph Klein came  into pwer because of the Albertan PC provincial government's own mismanagement   Premier Ralph Klein too now still is not generally respected outside of Alberta.   Under Premier Ralph Klein the consumer basic costs went  up seriously, sky high too.  My own valid experience is that Alberta lacks still even the adequate basic justice,  even the good police forces  for a start.  

 Apartment Rent is not affordable in Alberta. Even because few apartment buildings do  exist. Alberta is still mostly made up of single family homes. "One Calgary apartment building hiked rents for tenants from $700-a-month to $2,000   And with more people priced out of the home-buyer's league, a spike in rents across the province is inevitable.  Calgary city council is already musing about rent controls to curb the trend. But remember, this is laissez-faire Alberta and any move to mandate how much maximum profit a greedy landlord can make is guaranteed to be met with cries of communism and leftist meddling. The Calgary Drop-in Centre, the city's main homeless shelter, has seen its usage jump 15% in the last year, much of that due to new Calgarians who discovered their jobs don't pay enough to cover the bills.   More than 106,000 people used the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank last year and as many as 19,000 new clients are expected this year. Again, many of those newcomers to the city who've seen their dreams crushed by the weight of the boom. " Even single family home prices are already much too high and are rapidly escalating in Alberta.

It has been years since I have seen such truth posted as news and why not before? Alberta's Marketing people are known liars who also falsely  deny the existing negative realties of Alberta too