Congratulations on the Conservative win by S Harper.. 

and All of Canada still watches you too..

While "Prime Minister Paul Martin has so completely failed to enumerate a plan for the future that he, Mr. Martin, is now left with nothing but rhetorical assault to stave off defeat. "Mr. Martin is talking now ... about highly divisive issues because he has laid out no positive vision for (the rest of) this country," Harper said. That is quite true. And we are glad Mr. Harper has decided to calmly rebut Mr. Martin's inflammatory charges rather than traffic in his own. Hysterical rhetoric versus cool logic: "   National Post 2006
Harper has rightfully already succeeded in improving Canada's justice system.. he locked out the bad Liberals..
Calgarians now can no longer  complain that they are being neglected in Ottawa now, but still in reality  when the Progressive Conservative Brian Mulroney was PM Calgary itself now was well represented even in the federal cabinet, with J Hawkes MP, H Andre MP,  etc., but sadly it was their own past  Calgary MPs who did not do much good for the Albertans it seems, only for themselves.  Albertans who are too often self absorbed, self centered  do even now have high unrealistic problemed  expectations that their own region's, agenda's  will gain significant prominence on the national stage now with the election of Stephen Harper but realistically with a very weak minority government, the new prime minister will have to devote most of his efforts, energy pleasing the opposition parties, and next reaching out to other parts of the country.  "Canadians did not (merely) endorse neo-conservatism when they elected him ( S Harper) last night,"  "They (clearly had) voted against a Liberal Party that had become smug and arrogant." The Globe and Mail  Analysts said the outcome reflected clearly a weariness among the voters with the Liberals, whom they identify with broken promises, scandals, untrustworthiness  and virtual one-party rule, but also a sense of uncertainty about Mr Harper and his conservative socio-economic ideals. Their uncertainty really includes for good reasons too the past  bad behavior of three past Prime Ministers, including the Progressive Conservative, as well as the Liberal ones, and  the fact that the majority of the Canadians no longer trust explicitly any of the federal leaders, federal political parties. The majority of voters  they are still really fearful of the continual repeat of the politician's broken promises, their poor management of the governmental services, and tax payer's money. 

Stephen's  Harper's present association with any of past key players of the Brian Mulroney's government is clearly also further hindering the new Conservative future trust, popularity now next as well. It really really would be better for the New Conservatives themselves still to have made a full clean break with any of the old Conservatives or you may really face an federal election within months and not years.

(Luke 5:37 KJV)  And no man putteth new wine into old bottles; else the new wine will burst the bottles, and be spilled, and the bottles shall perish. 38   But new wine must be put into new bottles; and both are preserved.

The ability to embrace change set the new honourable Conservative Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper apart from his Liberal counterparts. When even he solemnly promised last election night to "do better" because Canadians "expect more from us.  Now too bad  many of the other Albertans do not learn the same ..  What the many others even in Alberta  didn't realize still was that the Harper Tories had one big advantage: They were capable of learning from their mistakes, at least some of them.. and they had voted for a moderate package of policies that helped the party shed its extremist tag and behavior.. but not for long it seems.. and they the Self declared Conservatives they really should have next been now contemplating how to turn things around.  

Instead, too many Calgarians  they threw themselves a raucous self centered self exaltation party showing what real losers they next can be again. When the new and improved Tory leader was unveiled, it became next even very clear that the rest of the party even in Calgary had not been learning the same much needed to learn lessons of life.. that of personal humility, considerations for others.. and another reason why minority governments often do fall and do not make a majority government... and why mad cows come back too now..
70 percent of Albertans are even still racists. I know that firsthand and  a perverted judge in Calgary in a Calgary police traffic ticket quota dispute looked at my name and as a racist asked me where I was from and I replied I was an immigrant from Quebec.
Sadly the Western standard in even Calgary today   is rather still the self centered western rednecks. They are secretly even just another Liberal bashers..  Yes those persons who now do  keep on saying "Calgary southwest is ready now to be pampered "  and "now let's get rid of Bilingualism" please do see "  these very naive,  these self centered, Racist Albertans too easily do  forget that Quebec and French proceeded English in Canada and Bilingualism will always be mandatory in all of  the government's services of Canada.. always  
 Like I have said before to me an  Albertan  Progressive Conservative Premier that was or is an alcoholic drunk, an unacceptable example of an abuser even of others, or an Ontario  Progressive Conservative Premier that committed adultery, slept with a not divorced, married woman belonging still  to another man are really still no better than a Liberal person in office who cheats, lies, steal, covers up, slanders, bashes, does not keep their election promises.
I too have for many years lived in Calgary Southwest and in  Montreal  LaSalle the PM's Paul Martin riding I can tell you all from experience the vast difference between the clearly bilingual, multicultural Montreal LaSalle, and the almost pure white anglophones folks of Calgary South west.. on top of that by my own experiences the medical treatment, services was totally better in LaSalle as well now.. and LaSalle has even better stores, shopping centers now as well.. LaSalle had really much friendlier persons too..  LaSalle as well has a better bus transportation system too.. but yes it was true that the politicians and the cops now too were mostly now just as bad, useless in both areas by my own direct experiences but hopefully with the new S Harper this will change.
Yes by selecting a minority governments still Canadians voted really  not for the Conservative government S Harper basically but for the big  promised change that we all have really yet to see, and changes even about Alberta's self centered and too often poor attitude toward the rest of us Canadians, Quebecers included...
Many Political analysts have already warned that the Conservatives have a really big challenge ahead, as the 10 previous minority governments in Canada's history have never lasted longer than two years due to their inability to get bills passed.  The ex PM  Paul Martin himself cautioned that the Liberals remain a strong political force and may stage a comeback. "Ours will be a strong opposition with more than 100 members ... There will be another chance, and there will be another time," he said.
Face it the opposition parties next are all waiting to  pounce on the errors, inadequacies of the new Conservatives, the news media included, and it still seems these unchanged Albertan rednecks still too will make it easier for them and they now by making their mostly self centered statements openly are only making sure that the rest of Canada will make  S Harper  Conservative government to be a short lived one like Joe Clark's was.. for even Canadian history often repeats itself..
(Mat 7:3 KJV)  And 4  Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5  Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

Westerners  believe in reducing the role of the central government? Yes there are really gig liars  even in Alberta who say that the west totally supported the Conservatives.. but the real problem with this lie is that Alberta claims to be the sole West that  they are talking about, because no other western province voted now firstly all blue.. and when these same  Albertans liars do next say that "Easterners had at last given the Conservatives a chance", what they really are trying to say is that the rest of Canada has given selfish Alberta a chance to keep all of it's new wealth for they do not to want to have to share any of it with the rest of Canada.  How really immoral of them especially when some of these persons are professing evangelical Christians on top of that. .. they had took Canadian help but now do  not want to help the rest of Canada... "It is time for provincial governments in the West, led by Alberta, to demand permanent constitutional protection from federal transfers, taxation and social control" all of sudden this agenda does not include the whole West, but reveals the reality of the solely selfish Albertans concerns. "The easterners which includes the Bloc Quebecois believe in strong central government  is demanding a federal surtax on oil company profits, a major increase in Quebec's equalization subsidy from the West, and implementation of the Kyoto accord. " Polls have shown as recently as December that's what most easterners want.  "With this new Parliament, we are heading into stormy seas"-  LINK BYFIELD, and because the still mostly immoral Alberta wrongfully is still really selfish, greedy.   They always do and thus these bad Albertans   do wrongfully still complain that the easterners by voting for Canadian values." were voting  "Liberal payola, patronage, and concessions while eastern political majorities strip us naked" and really these Albertan rednecks do  say this all because that is what they are very immorally and consciously doing it firstly themselves