The undeniable Abusers

The PM Paul Martin a professing Christian to make it worst too  and his Liberals too now are known for their abuses, even the abuse of their public offices, clearly also being abusive liars, abuse of their taxpayer's money, are known even for  the wrongful verbal abuse of others.. and it should really come as no surprise that they are also being dully exposed, reaping what they had personally sowed.
Their unacceptable abuse  has been going on for too many years now too and yes it affected the citizens, the government programs. Clearly people have rightfully and for a long time now stated they want  better governments in effect in reality now in Canada.   For too many of the existing Canada's Liberal politicians are too often known to be abusers, self serving liars, hypocrites indulging themselves. While the poor social welfare recipients do not get a four percent raise, Canada Steamship Lines got million dollars of social aid, and Governor General Adrienne Clarkson continued to live high on the hog, and  drinking booze at tax payers expenses like the too many other drunk too often Canadian Politicians again? 
Clearly also we as citizens have wrongfully elected too many liars, abusers,  drunks, alcoholics into political offices as well. 
The Unacceptable abuse of even of the tax payers money has been going on for years now too.   And the governments perverse applications, neglects  of the established laws also is not by accident! but it is still unacceptable even like their cheating, lying, stealing, getting drunk too during normal  working hours.. The absurdity that the people, note persons in the governments, leaders included  still do  abuse, waste the tax money and then punish rather the innocent poor people for it too is also really still unacceptable.  
Any and all of the Ministers of the Canadian Governments, and whether they be Premiers, Federal Cabinet Ministers,  Members of parliament, members of the legislatures, civil and public servants are clearly here to serve the good welfare of all of the citizens and not themselves, and they are not rather to be abusers, even tax payers money abusers, nor dunks and alcoholics and there is no such thing as a little bit pregnant.. especially for alcohol which affects their working ability in their offices as well.
Drunk people are still the major reason for family violence, car accidents etc. and 3/5 Canadians drink too heavily, and drinking heavily and being drunk is a still too common practice . The governments also still do need to do a better policing firstly of it's own members, ministers, public and civil servants.. and to now stop their abuses, alcoholic binges, parties now too at the taxpayer's expenses   anywhere in Canada too now included. 
Note this when I had first  wrote an email mostly to all of Canada's elected legislative Members,   the Members of  Parliament about the too many abusers,  liars and especially the too many alcoholics, drunks in politics  and about 25 MPs openly in reply objected to my mentioning the subject, the highest response to any letter I had ever written and why? they were uncomfortable about my rightful exposures of their unacceptable wrong doings still. I never got anything close to that number on any other issue I had wrote about too. Canadians are really next shocked when they find out how many people are drunk, alcoholics even in the civil, public services, governments, politics.
Alcohol even continues to be a major cause behind many of the fatal accidents, accounting for nearly 40 per cent of fatally injured drivers. The young people are drinking more alcohol theses days, it is being promoted more, wrongfully more acceptable to drink still too.. ...  and so are and so are some of the bad seniors still  boozing. Interesting the car speed is not the main factor while it still rather gets most of the police attention because of it's money making ability.  Is drunk driving or  a teenager drunk driving with a car  a new issue or has it been around for a too long time too? I have to also to say I am shocked we do not hear too much or get too much good acts here too about this from our  Premiers. PM,  Justice Ministers the last 12 years? While it is estimated 25 percent of the civil and public servants, politicians too, take drugs, get drunk, not much is being done about it too..  Brain damaged alcoholic civil and public servants are not capable of doing good work.. really.. we know what impaired drunk driving does too.. Not one cent of the tax payer's money should be used to purchase any alcoholic beverages at any time.. not one cent.. Secondly all alcoholics, drug users in the governments must be given 30 days to sign up, attend a valid, certified drug treatment program such as alcoholic anonymous, their personally falling to do so they must be immediately fired from their jobs, or resign. None of this is an option... none!

The best solution also to the unrepentant alcoholics, drug addicts , and those persons stealing, tax payer's money abuses even for those  working in the governments, civil and public services is both a jail sentence, and to fire them ASAP for experience shows that addicts, all persons  value their jobs above all else, so this type punishment is effective.  More drug injection centers and/or more gambling facilities, and/or more liquor stores is certainly not the right  answer anywhere too . Canadians are drinking more and dying from alcohol-related causes at a far greater rate than from drug abuse, a new study says.  Statistic figures suggest 73 per cent of all reported alcohol consumption was in excess of Canadian low-risk drinking guidelines.  More than 90 per cent of the alcohol consumption reported by males aged 15 to 24 was consumed in excess of Canadian low-risk guidelines; more than 85 per cent consumed by females exceeded the guidelines. Statistics suggest alcohol consumption in Canada has risen by 13 per cent since 1997, a co-author of an addiction research survey said Thursday.  "Nearly 5,000 Canadians die each year prematurely from the effects of alcohol, which is five times greater than all the illicit drug deaths put together," said Tim Stockwell,Exemplary prosecution of the guilty and public exposure would next seriously also reduce the unacceptable tax payer's money wastage's at the federal, provincial, municipal levels and is still much needed. 

While traffic deaths have dropped by nearly 50 per cent in the past 20 years, because of seat belts, t, better built cars, better roads, better lighting, and the seat bags,  the profiles of those most at risk of being killed in a collision have remained constant.. the  alcoholics.. and rather personal Alcohol consumption has even increased.. So Alcohol continues to be a major cause behind many of the fatal accidents, accounting for nearly 40 per cent of fatally injured drivers. While only 40 percent and not all road deaths are related to alcohol. Alcohol cause more road deaths for Canada's young people cause under the Liberals the young people are drinking more alcohol theses days, it is being promoted more, wrongfully more acceptable to drink still too.. ...  and so are and so are some of the seniors still dining booze.. those too many who have not given up drinking alcoholic.. for impaired driving means a slow down or an impairments of one bodily reaction functions.. perception, reaction and increasing the chances of an accident.. interesting the car speed is not the main factor while it still rather gets most of the police attention..

And we all know what "pawn shops" mostly  really are too now, not just a place for the compulsive gamblers, but a place for drug addicts, alcoholics to sell of their illegally acquired properties so they can wrongfully buy more alcohol and drugs, and I wrote about that and I had personally witnessed it now for years. I spent many hours in a local pawn shop watching it it all happen, I even saw the manager and his brother themselves stealing from their employer as they bragged and  admitted to me too,  and I rightfully had reported it to the police next too.

  My own real Canadian personal experiences has been that when politicians too are wrongfully  hesitant to prosecute the drunks, alcoholics, drug users, tax evaders, and the too many crooks, they personally tend to  be firstly protecting themselves, they are likely committing the same crimes, or their close friends, relatives now are.. sound familiar?  and that is why they wrongfully hesitate to prosecute the others and this is still really unacceptable.. it next still makes me and many others take a closer look as to why the politicians now are hesitating to prosecute drunk drivers, drug users and pushers, bad cops , tax evaders, etc.,, and instead wrongfully  firstly abuse the homeless, social welfare recipients, the poor persons, those most least able to speak out against it, to defend themselves .

Too many Polls of the Canadian citizens by the National Post has clearly revealed they really do not trust the Canadian  politicians and this should not come as a surprise   You always still even got to supervise the politicians now as well for it seems they will rerun back quickly to their old tricks.. to their even drunkenness, cheating, lying and stealing and wrongfully next they think they can get away with it.

The issue is not just too much alcohol consumptions.."Excess drinking putting health of Canadians at risk: and the Liberal government should have done, still do more to reduce the amount of drinking among all age groups. The amount of dangerous alcohol consumption has increased in Canada under the immoral Liberals while Paul Martin wrongfully even promoted it too... showed a really bad personal example too. Ephesians  5:18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; Clearly these People who still do personally  lack good works of their own, lack self confidence, immorally rather do resort to the bashing others to divert the negative reality of dealing first rightfully with themselves
Abusive behavior,  Alcohol, drugs, are he wide door to other vices too-  Now I have said it before too many Alcoholics are really abusive persons.. it should be no surprise since that is what the Bible said already about being drunk with wine, it is another fruit, form of the existing excess, abuse.. it is an inlet to, and forerunner of many other sins; for drunkenness  seldom comes alone. I too have really also learned  from  observing many persons the last 30 years that there tends to be no such thing as a little bit pregnant,  that to open the barn door a little bit,  left unrestrained, undisciplined, unsupervised, means  the barn door next it will eventually swing wide open.. and when any person tends to personally allow, start a little acceptable vice, eventually the other even bigger vices do now also tend to grow, develop there as well..  and they too all thus next can be easily discovered, even though the guilty persons will deny this.. even now next the vices of pre-marital sex, sodomy, polygamy, alcoholism, gambling, adultery,  drunkenness, bingeing, gluttony, gouging, Self-destructive behaviors, selfishness, indifference, apathy, jealousy, anger, hate,   envy,   rudeness, irritability or grudges , lust, cussing, cheating , addiction, shoplifting, stealing, tax evasions and even abusive behaviors, pride, lying.  To some ostrich minded persons these same bad vices that are now so supposedly common and so pervasive in our society that they supposedly  have become overlooked,  and taken as acceptable but now really have they now too? Even lying these days is supposedly not that much of a big deal when they are considered ‘white lies.’? These same concept of vice that is present in every society, but how it is judged culturally differ now based on one's own personal  religious belief systems that  supposedly vary widely as well but is this really true now as well.  Personal Vices unrestrained are not only self-destructive but next also harmful to many others. They are not only limited solely as a result to one’s actions, but rather tend comprises of what is initially inside a person’s heart.