The unacceptable same old circus
Those who work for the government firstly, all and every last one of them are to be exemplary, they firstly are not excluded from observing, respecting all of the laws, and they need to be the first ones to be punished, to be corrected when they do break the laws. A politician who was witnessed to be at a bar drinking alcohol with others, and he next drives home drunk, gets into a car  accident, and flees, runs away from the scene of the accident too should have been fired firstly and rightfully a long time ago too.  The main problem with this too often scenario was that this was not a first time alcoholic, drunk politician, his colleagues knew he had an unacceptable alcohol,  drinking problem and drove drunk home before. He the alcoholic really should have firstly had already been dismissed from his government job for being a drunk as it happens in the real world, the private sector. Thus the reason so many of the politicians are still really not respected at all now is really  cause so many of them they also do continue to do the same bad things wrongfully, such as covering up for the bad acts of their existing of their fellow crooked bad politicians still as well. It is time they do even now set their own house firstly  in order. So many governments are willing to legislate more new laws, but they are still wrongfully unwilling to provide money, resources, personnel for the enforcement of the existing laws, and for the prosecution of the felons, including rightfully prosecuting their own fellow politicians, their subordinate ministers, personnel, all of the  civil and public servants, the bad cops, the bad RCMP as well. Persecuting and prosecuting the citizens mainly is a really hypocritical and unjust act now as well.. Jean Chreteine, and Paul Martin were losers who had failed to do this and this was why the Liberals have lost so much respoect, support as well. Well under the new federal accountability act how many bad RCMP officers, bad managers, bad politicians, bad civil and public servants now have been rightfully punished, fired , terminated for their poor acts in the last year? How many????
Undeniable truth! "It's amazing how Mr. Harper and his party have swallowed themselves whole in order to do whatever it takes to become just like Jean Chretien and the Liberals."

"OTTAWA - The Conservative government is being accused of using a "convenient" citizenship-judge appointment to pave the way for the defection of former Liberal MP Wajid Khan. At a news conference last week to announce Khan was joining the Conservatives, Prime Minister Stephen Harper insisted he did not ask Khan to cross the floor. Rather, he blamed Liberal Leader Stephane Dion for forcing Khan to choose between his Liberal caucus membership and his role as special advisor to the prime minister on Middle East affairs. But former Tory MP Garth Turner raised questions Monday about that account. In a blog on his website, he noted the Tory candidate who ran against Khan in the last election was named a citizenship judge in the fall. In the election last January, Raminder Gill lost the Ontario riding of Mississauga-Streetsville to Khan by less than 5,800 votes. On Oct. 31, he was appointed to the citizenship post. "Maybe it's completely coincidental, but it's certainly convenient," said Turner, who was kicked out of the Conservative caucus in October and now sits as an independent. "It obviously in the riding would ease Mr. Khan's transition into being a candidate if the candidate of record, Mr. Gill, has effectively been removed from being a candidate next time." Khan was named a special advisor to Harper in August. Several Liberal MPs immediately expressed discomfort with a fellow caucus member serving under a Conservative prime minister. Turner, who was still a Tory MP at the time, said there was an "expectation" within the party that Khan would eventually cross the floor, even though it was not an "official government position." "It was widely anticipated within the Conservative caucus back when he took the special envoy position that he would end up joining caucus." After promising during the last election to make only merit-based appointments, the Conservatives have come under fire for a number of perceived patronage hirings. In November, Marlene Hogarth, a member of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party executive, was appointed to the Immigration and Refugee Board. Then the week before Christmas, the government quietly announced the appointment to various positions of several individuals with Tory connections, including a former Conservative cabinet minister. New Democrat MP Peter Stoffer called the appointment of Khan's former opponent "absolutely outrageous." He said the position might have been given to Gill to "mitigate any criticism" about Khan taking over as the Tory candidate in the riding. "It's amazing how Mr. Harper and his party have swallowed themselves whole in order to do whatever it takes to become just like Jean Chretien and the Liberals." Such incidents do little to counter cynicism toward politicians among Canadian citizens, added Stoffer, who has called on Khan to sit as an independent until he can run as a Conservative
For a long time I heard the Conservatives say lying, hypocritically elect us and we will show you all how different we will run the government.. well it did not take them a long time, not even a year the New Conservatives they turned out to be another bunch of the same old type of liars, cheats, incompetentents, pretentious PM and cabinet ministers as well.. Unacceptable!
" The election of Christian Stephen Harper as prime minister of Canada leads to an expectation of a larger role for faith-based social conservatism. " Top religion stories of 2006
A person who cheats, lies, slanders, abuses others is supposedly a model Christian? you are desperate for idols clearly.. Harper is an evangelical but he is not a real Christian, I know I went to his Calgary Christian Missionary Alliance church and found out what they were really like, made up of  rich persons who despise the poor persons for a start.. empire builders.. What a man does, the bad things included now show to all as to what he really is like and not what he says he is..
(Mat 7:15 KJV)  Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16  Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19 
Look I have also rightfully  said this unacceptable fact for decades.. the RCMP is cost ineffective, and not just  incompetent, pretentious.. so if the head stinks so does the rest of the body.

"RCMP's Zaccardelli was a real jetsetter Top cop preferred private plane  By KATHLEEN HARRIS -- Sun Media    OTTAWA -- Canada's former top cop hopped aboard an RCMP plane instead of a less-costly commercial flight for 72 trips in the past two years. Documents obtained under access to information show Giuliano Zaccardelli, who resigned last month after bungling testimony to MPs on the Maher Arar affair, used a pricey jet to commute to Toronto four times in an 11-day stretch. Guidelines for cabinet ministers require senior politicians to seek less expensive commercial flights before using a government Challenger jet, but no such rule exists for the RCMP. Spokesman Sgt. Martin Blais said the federal police force's 39 aircraft are stationed across the country and are used primarily in support of police operations such as emergency response, national security, transferring federal prisoners and transporting personnel. Blais said the planes and helicopters are operated on a cost-efficient manner, and said the commissioner would not occupy a plane alone. "He doesn't fly alone on the plane. When he goes to a place, he'll take as many members as need to go, or he will tag along with other members who are using the plane," he said. In 2005, Zaccardelli used an RCMP plane for 41 return trips, up from just 14 the year before. Trips included short-hauls to Toronto, Montreal, Buttonville and London, Ont., as well as longer flights to Haiti, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Inuvik. Before he was forced to resign last year, the top Mountie had racked up 31 return trips on an in-house jet, including flights to Washington and North Carolina. Blais said the commissioner would take an RCMP plane to attend change-of-command ceremonies, funerals, visits to detachments and meetings with political leaders and other operations requirements. John Williamson, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, said the number of flights on the more costly RCMP plane seemed "excessive," especially for serial short-haul flights. "Did I miss a general airline strike?" he quipped. With a changing of the top guard at the RCMP, Williamson said it's an opportune time to develop rules for using the planes for non-emergency or operational flights. Gerry Nicholls, vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, said the RCMP commissioner should follow the same rules as government officials and take cheaper commercial flights whenever possible. "
It takes no expert to know that the Mickey Mouse RCMP are too often unacceptable cost ineffective, poorly managed, too often ineffective, pretentious at the Canadian citizen's expense  and you can masturbate them, sleep with them next again but it will not change these truth, facts about their too often still unacceptable inadequate, poor performances.
RCMP spent $5 million on Arar affair: report, Canada -  3 Jan 2007 The RCMP spent close to $5 million investigating possible links between Maher Arar and al Qaeda and on defending itself after he was illegitimately sent to ...
RCMP spent $5 million on Arar affair, says report   CBC Montreal Mounties spent $860000 to keep tabs on Arar  Globe and Mail Arar case cost RCMP $5 million 
Vancouver Sun (subscription }  all 15 news articles  
Exemplary prosecution of the guilty tax payer's money abusers serves as a deterrent to everyone and the police, legal costs should not hinder it.. before we have a flood of such acts undeterred next still too.. The RCMP wrongfully does not prosecute all such cases cause they likely do themselves as we tend to know too..

"OTTAWA (CP) - Bounced cheques, phony expense claims, forged signatures, personal items charged to the public purse. A rogue employee's abuse of the system at the Public Works Department raises questions about how effective the federal government is at catching - and disciplining - fraud artists.  The troublesome worker was allowed to retire almost two years after a part-time clerk first blew the whistle on his expense-claim shenanigans, newly released documents show.  No charges were ever laid, and the government eventually had to garnishee his retirement benefits to get its money back, though the amounts were relatively small.  The identity of the worker is protected under the Privacy Act, though it is known he reported to the Edmonton offices of Public Works from another city and his job required frequent travel.  The Canadian Press obtained heavily censored records detailing the internal investigation, under the Access to Information Act.  The case began in June 2004 when a temporary financial clerk noticed something fishy about the approval signature on an employee's travel expense claim. The employee's supervisor quickly confirmed he had not approved the claim, nor two others that came to light.  An audit was soon ordered on all claims filed by the worker in the previous 30 months - but it was not the first time problems had been noted.  The personnel files showed that over the years the employee had used a government credit card to pay for personal items; had orally terminated a contract with a supplier, but had failed to notify the accounting department, resulting in improper payouts; had his government American Express card taken away twice for irregularities; and twice bounced personal cheques meant to pay back the department for cash advances.  The audit, meanwhile, used cellphone records and other investigative tools to identify about 43 questionable travel expense claims.  For example, for some trips he claimed use of a government car and a private rental vehicle on the same days. On other "trips," phone records showed he had not been travelling at all on the days in question.  Confronted with the detailed findings in March 2005, the worker acknowledged making numerous "errors" but "did not appear remorseful or offer an apology for the discrepancies," says one report.  "I did not knowingly do any of this," he is quoted as saying. "I realize compensation back to the government is due."  Meanwhile, the department paid an Ottawa forensics firm $3,121 to analyze the signatures on five expense claims. The results: they were indeed forgeries, but it was impossible to say definitively who wrote them.  Confronted again in November 2005 with the forensics findings, the worker denied any forgery but said "there is a definite possibility that I did sign the documents for (the supervisor)."  The individual had his blanket travel privileges removed, but continued to work for the department until retirement in February 2006.  The RCMP was alerted to the case, but declined to lay charges given the relatively low dollar amounts involved.  The department eventually recouped $5,871.17 in phony expense claims and personal charges to government credit cards by deducting the amounts from the employee's retirement benefits.  In addition to the $3,121 bill for forensics, Ottawa officials spent $4,717 to travel to Alberta to investigate the case. "It's obvious that the system isn't foolproof," said Public Works spokesman Pierre Manoni. "No system is foolproof.  "We acted immediately and started an investigation as soon as we received the allegation of fraud."  Manoni added that over the last two years, there have been only three cases of minor fraud involving individual employees, including this one.  He declined to comment on why the department appeared to tolerate the employee's bad behaviour over several years, citing restrictions under the Privacy Act.  But he said the case shows the system is working.  "The employee attempted to circumvent the process in place and he was caught," adding the level of employee fraud is minor given that the department has 13,000 people on staff.  But a spokesman for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation called the department's response "extremely weak and wholly inadequate."  "Even more worrisome is the fact that the RCMP declined laying charges due to the low dollar amounts," said research director Adam Taylor.  "Theft is theft. Fraud is fraud. Whether one steals a pack of gum or a Ferrari, the law is the law and tax dollars should be protected from all crimes, no matter how big or small." "
So the New Conservatives got elected under lies, false promises of holding people in the government accountiable.. not all or most of the people in  it seems.. not themselves for sure, and then only some of the bad Liberals.... not good enough!!!
Tories ignoring parts of Accountability Act: Opposition CBC News - 21 hours ago Opposition parties who helped shape the Transparency and Accountability Act are accusing the Conservative government of being less than accountable on implementing all parts of a key election pledge.
Tories criticized for host of patronage appointments Toronto Star.  Ottawa's endangered species Macleans.  CBC British Columbia
"Tories criticized for host of patronage appointments. So much for their vow to clean up government, opponents say" "At the very least ... there should be a moratorium on appointments of any kind until (the appointments commission) can be created. This kind of patronage appointment, next only to out-and-out theft and corruption, just drives Canadians crazy." "New Democrat MP Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre) told the Toronto Star yesterday". Liberal MP Mark Holland (Ajax-Pickering) said the point is the Tories have painted themselves as "holier than any government that has ever come before them and are beyond reproach. It's the hypocrisy of it all ... because they have gone and made patronage appointment after patronage appointment, which is completely opposite of the image they are trying to portray." Never mind the PM's, Stephen Harper's, invalid justifications, excuses on this.. he is clearly a liar.. he fails regularly to keep his promises even here.
Here is what I have learned first hand from decades of experiences in Canada's evangelical churches, that those who seem to preach the loudest to others, firstly tend to think wrongfully they are exempt from practicing what they preach to others, and so why should I now expect our PM Stephen Harper now really be any different. Unacceptable.
"Opposition parties who helped shape the Transparency and Accountability Act are accusing the Conservative government of being less than accountable on implementing all parts of a key election pledge". The provision for a public appointments commission is contained in the Federal Accountability Act, which passed late last year
"The act was successfully passed into law exactly one month ago, but not all elements of the act have gone into effect yet. It's up to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet to put in place roughly half the measures included in the act  or not. Among the main elements the Tories haven't implemented yet are sections dealing with government ethics and lobbyists."
" Critics said at least one of the act's main objectives the creation of an independent body to oversee appointments is being ignored."  In December alone, the Stephen Harper government made 118 appointments, including naming former Nova Scotia Conservative premier John Hamm to be co-chair of Canada's reproductive technology board , patronage appointments, something Harper promised he would not do firstly. He lied!
Even the premier of Nova Scotia got exposed by the news media for his lies,  false cover-up lately too. Too many politicians still believe they will get away with their lies.. dream on and they will get a rude awakening one day too, a Canada wide one too.. to their unforgotten shame next too.